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Produce by the Pound: July

raspberriesKeeping a tally of your produce is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s rewarding to see how much food I’ve been able to grow in this small space. Also, it helps be realize how successful some crops have been! Almost 5 pounds of raspberries?! Bam!

On the other hand, the numbers can feel disheartening and like most data, can be misleading if you do not consider the context. No food bank donations this month? I know! This kinda bummed me out, but when your garden is in transition from spring/summer to fall and you’re sacrificing prime garden real estate to save seed, a decline in produce poundage is bound to happen. The zucchini has just not had great pollination – when one female flower is open and ready for business, the male flowers are spent or immature. Zucchini just hasn’t been in the cards for me this summer. And the eggs? That broody hen of mine is throwing everyone for a loop.

The bottom line is that this is an abundance of food regardless and I want for nothing. I have a full belly, am well-nourished and am grateful. Here’s hoping for an abundant and delicious August!

July 2013 – Produce Tally:

Personal Consumption –

Lettuce – 2 lbs, 2 oz.
Kale – 1 lb
Chard – 5 oz
Peas – 5 lbs  3.5 oz
Rhubarb – 2 oz
Strawberries – 1 lb 1 oz
Raspberries – 4 lbs 15 oz (Heck yeah!)
Zucchini – 8 oz (Honestly! Not my year!)
Tomatoes – 1 lb 4 oz

Eggs – 49 (4 dozen plus 1 egg)

Food Bank Donations – 

None this month – preserving the harvest for the winter and seed saving

Total produce harvested during the month of July: 16 pounds, 8 1/2 oz

Total food bank donations for the year (as of August 1): 9 lbs

Grand Total for 2013 (as of July 1):

Approximately 65 lbs, 14 oz and just over 24 dozen eggs

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Produce by the Pound: June

donationsThe best word I could use to describe June would be abundant. June was abundant and full – full of tasks as the school year came to an end, full of joy as Sprocket came into my life, and full of the most flavorful fruits and vegetables from the garden! I have reaped a plentiful harvest this June and am grateful for the abundance!

June 2013 – Produce Tally:

Food Bank Donations –

Lettuce –  just under 6 lbs

Personal Consumption –

Lettuce – 6 lbs, 3 oz.
Kale – 2 lbs
Chard – 2 oz
Peas – 4 lbs 4 oz
Rhubarb – 3 lbs
Strawberries – 3.5 lbs
Raspberries – 9 oz
Potatoes – 1 3/4 lbs (surprise harvest!)

Eggs – 61 (5 dozen plus 1 egg)

Total produce harvested during the month of June: 27 pounds, 6 oz

Total food bank donations for the year (as of July 1): 9 lbs

Grand Total for 2013 (as of July 1):

Approximately 49 lbs, 6 oz and just over 20 dozen eggs

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Midwinter Merriment: Chicken Gawking

Here it is – a countdown til spring. From now until the first day of spring, I will post ways to make the dreary days of midwinter a little more merry.

Day 11: Watch #allthesingleladies soak up some rays.

10_FreeRangeThere is really nothing merrier than watching chickens free range in the fleeting midwinter sun. It’s almost as if my Seattle chickens, like us Seattle people, know how rare it is and know they better make the most of it. We don’t take the sun for granted around here. Watching them peck around, dust in the actually-dry-for-once dirt and preen in the sun is truly delightful and made me smile yesterday. (Did you see the other picture I took of them? They crack me up!)

Day 12: Plant identification with kids.
Day 13: Plant your backyard berry patch.
Day 14: #dirtonmyiPhone
Day 15: Start seeds indoors.
Day 16: Sew a sassy garden tool belt.
Day 17: A class that keeps on giving!
Day 18: Buy yourself some flowers.
Day 19: Go to the park and play!
Day 20: Plant peas (and sign up for my free newsletter!)
Day 21: Take a gardening class.
Day 22:Plant bare root.
Day 23: Sign up for Seattle Seedling’s Spring Fling!
Day 24: Plant primroses.
Day 25: Get yourself a doughnut and make it “for here.”
Day 26: Frequent the Farmers’ Market
Day 27: Eat Root Vegetables Disguised as Cake!
Day 28: Be a Garden Show Goer.
Day 29: Drink more hot chocolate.
Day 30: Create a springtime “advent” calendar.

Pining for Eggs

eggsThese days, I feel like Chris Farley. You know, that skit when he played the nervous talk show host and interviewed famous actors. He’d say things like, “Remember when you played a spy in that movie…” and the actor would say, “Yeah, what about it?” Chris would sheepishly reply, “That was cool.”

That’s how I feel about my chickens laying eggs. “Remember this summer when I had an egg stand? Remember when my chickens laid eggs?” That was cool.

Every neighbor around is going to hear a big yeehaw when I go out to the coop and find an egg in the nesting box. Chicken pets are pretty cool, but they’d be even cooler if they were laying eggs. Just sayin’…