Seattle Seedling’s Getting Hitched!

loveLast week, I posted this message for my friends on Facebook:
Eric got down on both knees, took my hands and heart in his hands and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. And of course, I said yes. The joy and love in my life is magnified with him in it and he makes me want to be more of me. He loves all of me, just the way I am, and I love all of him. And so, it begins.

Eric and I are over the moon with joy about this chapter we’re about to begin as husband and wife. I feel so lucky!

We decided on a date, August 2nd, and within a week, a whirlwind of a week, a plethora of wedding details came together. We found a venue – a beautiful ranch in the Santa Ynez valley outside of Santa Barbara, where Eric is from. I found a dress. I can’t reveal the details about this one yet though I can say it fit me right off the rack, is absolutely perfect for our wedding theme and vision, and was on clearance! It was magic. We created a wedding website, found a dj, made a date for engagement photos, and created our guest lists. All within one week. Magic.

I handmade our invitations too, got them addressed (thanks, Nicole!), and had them to the post office by the start of the following week. We’re knocking things off our wedding checklist left and right! We are giddy in love and so excited for the big day!

happyAs you might expect, I am super excited about crafting and making our wedding as homespun, homemade and “us” as possible. There will be many blog posts to come that will share just how I plan on doing that. Seattle Seedling is getting hitched! And so, it begins!

A Gardener’s Tool Kit!

photo (11)My classes develop pretty organically (pun intended). I get inspired and super excited about an idea. I get a general (really vague) idea of what the class will be about. I post and promote the class on the farm school site and watch it fill up even though I’m not sure exactly what the class will look like. As the class approaches, I sit down and start to create the class content – the whats, the whys and the hows related to my topic. This is where the magic happens. Ideas and creative energy start flowing and the class comes together before my eyes! It’s my farm school class creative process.

photo (12)This process is happening this morning as I put together the class I’m teaching on Tuesday, A Gardener’s Tool Kit: Cloches, Trellises and Other Useful Gardening Tools. It was inspired by a farm school’s comment about cloches. She joked, “I see a garden with a cloche and I think, they’re way ahead of me.” The class suddenly made so much sense. There are a lot of garden tools and structures available, but unless you understand why those tools are helpful and how to best put them into practice, they’re likely not going to be as effective as they could be.

photo (13)I’m organizing the class around a few important categories, sharing tips and strategies related to each one: Tools for temperature and moisture; Plant supports and trellises; Organic pest prevention and nutrient boosters! As I put this class together, I think to myself, I wish I would have had this foundational understanding when I was starting to put these strategies into practice. I imagine it would have saved me a lot of time and challenges along the way. That’s how I know this class is going to be a good one! I would want to take it and I can hardly wait to teach it!

All of that before I even mention the fact that this will be the first class I will get to teach in my now beautifully completed urban farm schoolhouse! It is absolutely beautiful and functional and I can hardly wait to share the space with you! Inspiration and gratitude abound!

The Garden Tool You Need and Spinach You Can’t Resist!

image (2)My e-newsletter is especially bountiful this month! It’s chock-full of deliciously simple spring recipes like cumin seed spinach and indian-spice marinated radishes! I’m also dishing out one of my best garden tool secrets and a few tips to help you with your spring planting! Did I mention the special farm school discount I give to newsletter subscribers?? You know this super resource is a freebie, right? It is! Every month, you get a little urban farm love from my heart to your inbox! Sign up in the box on the right and get this month’s e-newsletter and the ones that follow!

Schoolhouse Construction Update #2

photo (5)I finally have a moment to breathe. What a wild and amazing ride this has been! The schoolhouse is nearing completion – next week it will be painted, well-lit, furnished and ready for classes!

image (1)I will post a full reveal with before and after pictures next week when I can finally say the project is “done.” For now, I’ll share with you what’s made me so happy this week. Windows!

photo (6)IMG_3640My best friend said the other day that everything felt real when she saw the picture with the window. I knew exactly what she meant. The moment I walked out to the schoolhouse, looked out the newly-installed window and could see the garden and chicken coop from inside, I was overcome by emotions. This is real and it is happening!

IMG_3457I rewatched The Field of Dreams…again. I can’t help but feel an uncanny connection with Kevin Costner’s character. It started out as a crazy idea, a calling, one that I timidly shared with Eric over pizza in November. And like the wife in the movie, Eric enthusiastically supported and encouraged me in making this dream a reality. I moved forward in faith that if I build it, hopeful gardeners and eager learners would come. And they are. Classes are filling up and I am able to share the space with my community just like I hoped to do. I was able to make my first Lettuce Link donation (I’m donating 10% of everything I earn through farm school!) and it felt even better than I expected. Every time I step foot in the schoolhouse, I wear a smile I can’t shake.

“I don’t know what lies around the bend, but I’m going to believe that the best does.” – L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables)

Upcoming Classes I’m Super Excited About:

Mosaic Flower Stone Workshop – I can hardly wait for this one! Art + Garden = Magic!

Family Favorites – One class, all my favorite foods! Neat!