Etsifying with Handmade Wedding

chalkboardEtsifyverb, to use Etsy to make something even more amazing than it already it. (Yes, I’m making up my own words now). 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been crafting day and night to get ready for our wedding. I have been waiting for this day for years and have always anticipated hand making the hell out of it! It is a wedding workshop over here and I am loving every single minute of it!

While I am making the bulk of the decor, favors, and flair for the big day, I have also sought out the help of many super talented artists on Etsy to add a few details. Being an artist and having an Etsy shop myself, I feel a special camaraderie with my fellow Etsy artists and feel excited to support their work and their shops. Even when I knew I could probably make the piece myself, I opted to buy the item in order to support the artist. When our wedding day comes, which is fast approaching, I know I’ll be able to look around and see lots of little ways that Etsy artists made the day just a little more special.

Here are some Etsy delights that will be making an appearance at my wedding:

clay_gardeniasClay Gardenias for my hair – I am SO excited about these! Rather than fussing around with real gardenias, which are heavy and have extremely delicate petals, I am going to wear these life-like clay beauties that I won’t have to worry about. Wearing a gardenia is a Brewer tradition and I’m excited to be able to mimic the style of my grandma with a little help from dkDesignsHawaii. They are even more beautiful in person than they are in the images, if you can imagine that!

shrugA Delicate Cream-Colored Shrug  from the WhiteFashion shop – It’s going to be hot up in the Santa Ynez valley where we’re getting married, but when the evening winds pick up, I have a feeling I might get a bit chilly. This shrug is as beautiful in person as it is in the photo. And it fits just as well!

BuntingA Charming Bunting Cake Topper – Bunting will abound all around our ceremony and reception (I’ve sewn over 500 feet of it!!!), so naturally, I couldn’t resist this adorable bunting cake topper with our initials on it. I found  this gem at the AtCompanyB shop.

butterfliesFinally, since my mom passed away 13 years ago now, she will be at my wedding in spirit. Butterflies were always a favorite of ours and they always seem to make an appearance when I’m needing a little mom love. When I see a butterfly, it feels like a little wink from my mom. So, in order to celebrate that connection, we bought the most amazing ombre sugar butterflies for our cake. I am SO excited to see how beautiful they look on ours. We opted for the orange monarch butterfly style since monarchs stop to rest in Goleta, just outside of Santa Barbara (near where we are getting married) during their migration south. They are life-like and gorgeous – a sweet little detail that will make my heart sing! Find these at Sugar Robot!

Want to see all the projects I’ve been crafting up for the big day? Stay tuned!

An Upcoming Class That Will Spice it Up!

PittaThe Urban Farm Schoolhouse is teaming up with Ayurvedic Health Coach, Nicole Perriella, to bring you Ayurveda in the Garden! Learn the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda in this interactive class in the schoolhouse and garden!  By balancing Pitta, the fire element, we can achieve balanced digestion, a peaceful mind and gorgeous skin this summer.

ayurvediaIn this class, learn tips and techniques for growing, cooking and eating seasonal plants and herbs to balance the body during Pitta season. Sample Ayurvedic foods, spices and beauty techniques to get you started right away.  Let your inner radiance shine through! Sign up here!

Coop Tour Time!

CoopTour_2014It’s that time again – the Seattle Tilth Urban Farm and Coop Tour is coming up! I am super excited to be included in the tour lineup again this year as one Seattle’s top 25 urban farms! If you’ve never gone before, I highly recommend it! This is how Seattle Tilth describes the tour:

In this self-guided tour, you will see simple chicken coops built in an afternoon and elaborate finely-crafted coops that took weeks of planning and building. See what accommodations are needed for keeping miniature goats, ducks, mason bees, honey bees and bunnies. There are sites all around Seattle, including NW, NE, West Seattle, SE, and Central. Enjoy a unique and inspiring urban adventure!

Click here for more details and tickets! I hope to see you at my urban farm THIS SATURDAY, the 12th!

Honeyberry Love

radishMy friend, Yuko, and I go way back. We go way back to our Master Gardener days. That’s where we met, actually. I had no idea then that we’d become kindred spirits in all things arts and crafts. Yuko blows me away with her creativity and artistic talent. We share an affinity for black line drawings and I always love to see what she comes up with.

watermelonIf you want something happy in your Facebook newsfeed, you should like her page, Honeyberry Studios. The beautiful illustrations she posts brighten my day. Currently, she is working on a “Happiness is…” series where she posts a drawing of something happy. They are so simple and lovely.

stacy_eric_wedding_webI had her create this beautiful drawing of me and Eric for wedding thank you notes. Once I got it though, I loved it so much, I decided I would use it as cake table decor. All I needed to do was give her a few pictures and a couple ideas about what I was hoping for and this is what she created – a little snippet of our personality, captured in pen and ink. I love it more than words can say!

If you want to see more of what Yuko can do, check out her site. She’s a talented one, that girl.

*Images by Yuko Miki, Honeyberry Studios