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A Monthly Garden Meet Up!

I am super excited to announce a fun new way to connect and grow in the garden this year – the Urban Farm Schoolhouse Monthly Meet Up!

This is an opportunity to plan and grow, side-by-side, throughout the entire growing season. I’ll be letting you in on what’s worked for me and what I’m doing in my own garden each month. It’s like a garden apprenticeship! In each session, you will be able to plan, practice, and learn about what to do in the vegetable garden each month with encouragement and “technical” support.

Topics will include:

  • Seeds – what vegetable seeds to plant that month and how to care for them
  • Soil – how to care for and build soil
  • Fertilizer – which plants to fertilize when and how
  • Tools and Structures – what structures to put in place for plants that month
  • Future Planning – gardening moves to make in order to be prepared for the coming months
  • Miscellaneous topics relevant to that month, such as seed sowing, harvesting, and seed saving

The meet ups will be on the 4th Saturday of the month, starting this month on Saturday, February 28th!

For more details and to sign up, click HERE!

I hope you’ll share this with other aspiring gardeners in your life -the more, the merrier!! Better yet, maybe you’ll decide to join me! It’s going to be so fun!

*Image by Lori Eanes

Throwback Thursday: Planting Bare Root Espaliered Fruit Trees

10846397_809348549104076_8258578801055115700_nThree years ago, in February, I planted these trees and wrote this post about it. Now, they are one of the highlights of my mini-orchard. It’s time to get bare root trees like these in the ground and lucky for us northwest gardeners, Swanson’s Nursery* has an awesome 40% off bare root edibles sale going on right now!

coneWant to see how I got these trees off to a successful start, click here to read more and watch this video tutorial:

Want to learn even more about planting bare root? Check out this helpful article!

*For the record, I am not sponsored by Swanson’s nor am I getting any kick back for sharing the Swanson Nursery love. I just can’t resist this annual sale and want to keep you in the loop! Cheers!

Growing Pains: Accepting Adversity

image (5)Last week, we experienced a loss. Eric and I were growing a baby and found out that it wasn’t meant to be this time around. We were disappointed and my heart was heavy. I’m ready to be a mother and we were on our way. Two pink lines – something I’ve been imagining and waiting for. And just like that, it was gone. Miscarriages happen. I know this. It’s a common thing and happens more than I realized. You hear about pregnancies that are well on their way. You don’t hear about miscarriages until you have one. It’s amazing how many of my friends have let me know that I’m not alone. It’s my body’s way of clearing out what must not have been viable. I know this and still, the journey through it is sad. Besides the love and support of our close friends and family, three words have really helped me navigate this road. They’ve become my new mantra – a way to navigate physical and emotional adversity.

image (4)Acceptance – I start by being present and aware of what is. It’s amazing how powerful and cathartic it can be to just acknowledge and accept something as it is. Eric always says, “it’s not the challenge that hurts. It’s my resistance to the challenge that hurts.” I really believe this to be true. So, I recognize the challenge in front of me and accept it fully. I’ve noticed it even feels helpful to verbalize what it actually is that I’m accepting. “Alright, we’re not having this baby after all. It’s not meant to be.” Even when the words are said through tears, I accept what is.

Compassion – This is the hard part. The word compassion is a reminder to be gentle with myself. When I start getting hard on myself, thinking I should be feeling or acting differently than I am, I dig into my stores of compassion. I imagine that my friend is going through the same thing and try to imagine how I would comfort her. I am so much harder on myself than I am with my friends. I give myself a little extra love and try to allow myself the time and space to feel all the emotions that come up for me.

Breath – For me, breath represents space and time. It’s giving myself the opportunity to be sad, to cry, and to be hopeful again. Many times, it’s literally a few mindful breaths as I think about this mantra that helps me feel calm and grounded. Breathing is relaxing into the moment and being present with what is.


Life is fragile and beautiful and I totally surrender to the magic of it all, one breath at a time.

From Lawn to Lunch at the NW Flower and Garden Show!

1545781_660934700612129_341951778_nLast year, I spoke at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show for the first time. Eric made me the most awesome mock-up of a grassy plot of land and a raised bed and I used it to show people how to transform their lawns into bountiful edible gardens! It was both nerve-wracking and thrilling! I was so nervous before I started, but by the end of my talk, I was cracking jokes and making garden puns. And I couldn’t wait to get back up on that DIY stage again.

flower_garden_showThe 2015 Flower and Garden Show is next week and I’ll be doing this same talk again this year! It’s just too good to put to rest! In under 60 minutes, I’ll show you how to sheet mulch a grassy area, how to build a solid raised bed, and how to sow seeds and care for seedlings in a square foot garden. You’ll be growing your own lunch in no time!

Edible-gardeningI’ll be doing my talk on the opening day of the show, Wednesday, February 11th at 6:45pm on the DIY stage. The seminars are free – all you need is a ticket into the show! I hope to see you there! Click here for tickets!

Can’t make it to this seminar at the Flower and Garden Show this year? No problem! Catch this super informative class this spring at the Urban Farm Schoolhouse and get all the tips and tricks you need to get your garden growing! Click here to register!