Urban Farm and Garden Resources You Need to Know About

heartI found myself emailing this information to a reader the other day. I wanted to make sure you knew about these awesome resources in our area that I love.

Seattle Seed Library

It’s happening! A group of Seattle gardeners and seed savers have organized a seed library in Seattle! What’s a seed library?

A seed library offers a simple means of preserving, diversifying and sharing seeds. When you’re ready to plant something new in your garden, borrow seeds from the library – FOR FREE! It doesn’t cost anything to be a member or to borrow seeds. Member donations keep the library stocked for the next season.

Saving seeds has become an important part of my garden and I can’t wait to contribute to this community seed library! I’ve been reading about them lately (check out this article) and wished we had one around here. Now we do! Click here to learn more.

Übr Local

Übr Local is a cool urban food network where you can create a profile and then buy, sell or swap your homestead goods with others in the area. Their mission:

We are building a collaborative food economy that values human energy, under-utilized space, and the power of neighbors helping neighbors. Together we can rebuild an uber local food economy!. We define uber local as anything produced and consumed within roughly 10 miles of each other or within city limits.

It’s like a super specific, urban farm version of Craig’s List that allows you to connect with other gardeners and urban farmers in your neighborhood and in other communities. I recently created a profile and am excited to post some of my harvests to swap or sell! It’s like a virtual egg stand! Click here to create your own profile.

Backyard Barter

Similarly, Backyard Barter is a network of gardeners connecting with each other around Seattle in order to barter or trade their homegrown food and related food and materials. They host monthly bartering fairs, which I have yet (emphasis on yet) to attend, but definitely will one of these days.

Seattle Farm Co-op

Surely, you know the co-op already, but I had to include them in case you don’t. I have learned more from their Yahoo group and skills share classes than I have learned from anywhere else. When I started raising chickens, it was like having friends I could trust if I had a question. Even now, with years of experience under my belt, I still learn and benefit from this amazing co-op and community of urban farmers. If you have not visited their physical warehouse or home on the web, you should. They are an incredibly valuable resource in this community.

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