Midwinter Merriment: Sunday Morning Doughnut

Here it is – a countdown til spring. From now until the first day of spring, I will post ways to make the dreary days of midwinter a little more merry.

 Day 25: Get yourself a doughnut and make it “for here.”

25_DoughnutI don’t know what I love more, the actual doughnut or the comfort that comes with the experience. All the Top Pot coffee shops are so darn cozy, but Wedgwood is my favorite. The key is to sit at one of the tables by the window and get your coffee or tea in a mug “for here.” It just feels better that way. The doughnut doesn’t hurt either. I can’t resist a good maple or pumpkin old fashion.

Day 26: Frequent the Farmers’ Market
Day 27: Eat Root Vegetables Disguised as Cake!
Day 28: Be a Garden Show Goer.
Day 29: Drink more hot chocolate.
Day 30: Create a springtime “advent” calendar.

7 thoughts on “Midwinter Merriment: Sunday Morning Doughnut

  1. lindsey @ NW Backyard Veggies

    For those of us who have offspring I would add – have a doughnut and make it for wherever there are wet knaps and no risk of overturning displays! *wink*
    I remember the days of yore when I could sit in a coffee shop, like a person, and drink coffee whilst scanning the paper. Now, I eat doughnuts and drink coffee while sitting on my deck watching the tot play in the mud. Much easier, no customers shooting me the dirty eye while my child displays her, uh, childness….
    Yay, donuts!!

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