Video: DIY Almond Milk Guest Post

Happy Monday, everyone! I am in an especially good mood this Monday because my guest post is up at today! On the first day of October Unprocessed! I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the unprocessed train and share my experience! When I met Andrew earlier this year at a blog conference, I went up to him and gushed about how much I enjoyed the challenge. I couldn’t help but share how many things I learned from the month’s challenge that are now part of my daily life. I hope you’ll check out my guest post today about one of those things. I even filmed a video to go along with it ’cause that’s how I roll. Check it out!

And I meant it when I said that Karen Solomon’s books, both of them, are so worth having on your book shelf. Just watch out – they’ll make a kitchen nerd out of you. Consider yourself warned.

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