Upcycle that!

This happens to me every summer. After wrapping up a whirlwind of a school year and letting my house get a little more chaotic than I prefer, I typically spend the first half of my summer tending to house projects that got put off. It’s a time to restore, problem solve spaces that just aren’t working, and purge all the clutter and excess that isn’t serving me.

Unfortunately, my beautiful studio space was starting to feel a little more than unruly. It was the first space that I decided to conquer this summer. I was just not feeling inspired working in the middle of an array of piles. I needed another level for all the things that need to be stored on and around my desk.

So, they solution? A trip to the ReStore in Ballard, a home owner’s thrift store. I can’t help, but sing its praises…again. I just can’t get enough! I’ve already got several projects in mind for this winter that will most likely come to fruition as a result of me finding materials at that upcycling mecca.

For under $10, I bought two glass blocks and an old, white cabinet door. I came home, set the two blocks on the corner of my desk, which by the way, was made with an old door from said ReStore set atop two filing cabinets, and set the cabinet door on top of the blocks. Serendipitously (and because I scoured the cabinet door section for just the right one), the blocks fit perfectly inside the recessed section in the middle of the door – just the right fit to keep all three parts in place. No paint. No hardware. No fuss.

Done. I am now able to store things under and on top of the shelf. The feng shui abounds – it’s amazing what a little creative decluttering will do. Are you a savvy recycler too? What have you upcycled lately?

Check out the new community board I started on Pinterest for other badass shabby chic ideas! I’m calling it Upcycle that! If you start following that board, I’ll invite you to be a contributor so you can add the fun upcycled ideas you find to our board! Join our scavenger, creative community, y’all!

*Want to see some more projects I’ve done with treasures from the ReStore? Check out my head board, this garden junk corral, and the desk I was telling you about!

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