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These Flowers Never Die

I think that’s what made these flower stones so appealing to me when I first started creating them. Because they never die. That was before I was such a garden nerd. These stones are the kind of thing that are such a familiar part of my landscape now, I hardly remember they’re there.

That’s probably why it always surprises me when people who visit my yard for the coop tour are as interested in the mosaic artwork around my yard as they are the chickens. And why I was delightfully flattered when a second-time visitor to my yard asked if I’d teach a class. The word yes flew out of my mouth before my mind had time to get in the way of that answer. I said yes and like clockwork, everything fell into place.

I held the class in my dining room and all the ladies who signed up for the class brought goodies to make things more festive. The island in my kitchen was covered with cheese, delicious snacks and bottles of wine while the dining room table was covered in art supplies.

My house was filled with laughter and inspiration as new and old friends created masterpieces of their own. My neighbor even brought over her bread machine to make rhubarb jam while we worked since I just about lost my mind when I heard you could make jam in that multi-purpose machine! So my house was filled with the smell of sweet jam makings too!

As we wrapped up the class and I looked around at the state of my dining room, I realized I was smiling, unaffected by the mess. This class was the result of serendipity, inspiring me as much as I think it inspired my students.

I’m hoping it might inspire you too! I’ve decided to hold the class again, this time in late fall, when we need a little inspiration. When we need a little color amidst the grey. Stay tuned!

Video: Seed Saving 101 – Tomatoes

I am super excited about today’s video. Not because I think it’s a particularly stunning video, but because I’m stoked to share how easy and exciting this can be if you’re new to seed saving. I’ve been growing heirloom vegetables and have been saving and resowing their seeds for several years now and I can’t really describe how super cool it was the first time I harvested a tomato off a plant that I had planted from my own seed. Imagine the normal excitement you get when you see your little seedlings emerge. Now multiply that by ten! And not only that – it’s a relatively easy process!

In today’s video, I’ll give you tips on saving tomato seeds,replanting garlic, and storing seeds in order to maximize their longivity. Exactly, what kinds of tips will you get? Tips like this one. Did you know it’s best to save seeds from the best, most early (if we’re talking tomatoes in Seattle) fruit? You can remember which one set first or started to ripen first by loosely tying a bow around the stem. That way, you won’t be tempted to eat it while you wait for it to ripen enough to save the seeds! (Ok, you may be tempted to eat it, but after watching today’s video, I think you’ll resist!)

For more on seed saving, you really should check out this book, Edible Heirlooms: Heritage Vegetables for the Maritime Garden, by local seed saving expert, Bill Thorness.

I was lucky enough to catch a seed saving class he taught at Seattle Tilth one summer and have since been using his book as a guide. It’s a super handy resource that I would definitely recommend from experience!

Video: DIY Sun Shade

Happy Monday, friends! I’m super excited to share today’s video with you! I’ve been working really hard on making my videos a little easier on the eyes and ears and I think you’ll agree that today’s video is a big improvement! Not only that, I’ve got a fun project for you.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to make a simple sun shade and will also show you how to install a grommet into a piece of fabric. It’s easier than you think! I made this sun shade to give my chickens a little reprieve from the sun in the run, but it could really be made to go anywhere you need a little more shade.

You know I always have ideas up my sleeve, but I’d like to know what else you’d like to learn. What other garden-y and crafty things would you like to see? What else would you like to learn? Leave me a comment and tell me how else I can help!

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Video: Screaming for Succulents

My name is Stacy and I’m addicted to succulents. Especially now that I’ve discovered the joy of nestling them into some unexpected container. I was at the Goodwill the other day, saw this sage green beauty of a metal caddy and heard it scream at me, “Plant some succulents in here!”

So today, I’m coming at you with a simple tutorial so you can plant a succulent garden too. I’ll show you how to separate and plant “Hens and chicks” and will give you some tips to get your little succulent garden off to a good start! It’s easy and adorable and I think you should make one.

I should warn you though that this project can be deceiving. You might buy a four dollar container and end up with a container worth over $50 once you invest in soil and plants. If you keep on top of it though, so those succulents establish themselves real well, those perennials will keep you smiling for seasons on end. Especially if you put them near your front door where they can greet you.

What creative things do you do with succulents on your patio or in your garden? I’d love to hear your ideas and see your creations. Then again…that might only fuel my addiction.

Think someone else might enjoy these video tutorials? Share the love and pass ’em on!