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Bunting Abounds

Please allow me just one more frivolous post. I wanted to give you a little more bunting inspiration before I leave this topic and continue with our regularly scheduled programming.

I got Kelly, one of my fellow craft club mavens, to take some photos of the adorable bunting she has around her abode and I just had to share it with you.

See! Aren’t you feeling like you need more bunting in your life too?


Video: Bunting – No Party Required

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, especially on any wedding board, you’ve seen bunting. (Exhibit A, above – image from here) It’s a whimsical party classic. I have my bff to blame for my love of bunting. Years ago, she made some bunting garland for a party with polka dots that made me grin. I’ve adored it ever since. When I texted her about this post, she answered in the most appropriate way, “I need more bunting in my life!” I couldn’t agree more.
So, this post and mini-tutorial is for people who need more bunting in their lives. This craft will give you an excuse to add color and fun to spaces just for the hell of it. You don’t have to be a bride to decorate with bunting. Spring is reason enough – no party is required! A sash over the window, on the rim of a mason jar, flair over the patio – any space that needs a little life is fair game.
Put those paper and fabric scraps and remnants to use and make yourself some bunting. I can only hope it will make you smile as much as me.

Bunting Abounds! Here’s a little more fun:

My Etsy cards (I told you I was hooked!)

Bunting Necklace! I can wear this around my neck? Love!


Craft Club: NYE Bling

It was pretty hard to contain my excitement when I was explaining to Jeremy my plans for Tuesday night. Some super creative, artistic girls that I’ve recently reconnected with, invited me over for some munchies, wine, and a little crafting. I just love the idea of creative community – how we’re coming together to share supplies, pooling together our glittery things, and inspiring each other.

It was in the middle of a run a few days before that I came up with the idea to make some New Year’s Eve bling, the perfect excuse of a night to wear glitter. Although as an elementary school teacher, I could probably get away with it more than most. I sent the girls an email with my idea and some links to my current inspirations. And like that, the tentative theme for the night was set! I had seen Kelly, one of the craft club lovelies, in the most beautiful star crown in a photo a few weeks ago, so I knew I was going to the right place for the job.

Kelly was the unfortunate one that had to receive all the texts about my glittery new finds. I’ll admit that I actually sent her a text picture of my shopping basket at one point. A trip to the dollar store and the bargain bin at the craft store to add a few items to our already abundant craft supplies and I was set. $16 was spent on the following items:

  • random gold flower, which will be repaired with a pin and added to a simple black tank top. 75 cents??? Yes, please! One store’s trash is another person’s treasure.
  • Sparkly silver head band and a bunch of other simple head bands that will be wrapped in ribbon and further embellished
  • wood stars, glitter, and gold ribbon for fanciful NYE head piece and bonus star bobby pins
  • buttons to go with the feathers I already had for fun to make feather bobby pins and hair clips

To make the star crowns, we filled a shallow bowl with glitter, painted the stars with a thin layer of glue, and dipped them into the bowl, glue-side down. After shaking off as much of the excess glitter as we could and letting them dry a spell, they were glued onto a gold ribbon with a hot glue gun.

A couple other projects were started and completed, but the glittery crowns were really the stars (pun intended) of the show. We ended the night with another date on the calendar and a promise to send each other links and ideas we’ve pinned and want to bring to fruition. We’ll figure out the theme for our next craft club gathering when we’re so inspired. If it’s anything like last night though, it’s going to be super fun and I can hardly wait.