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Grow an Abundance of Strawberries this Summer!

strawberryLast year, I harvested this huge juicy strawberry! Can you see the quarter I used for scale? Crazy, right?! And it wasn’t the only one! Second to tomatoes, strawberries are the most abundant producers on my little urban farm. I grew 22 pounds of them last year!

barerootSince many of you are likely bringing home bare root strawberries from plant sales like these or will be buying strawberry starts in the near future, I wanted to remind you of some simple strawberry planting tips! They certainly worked for me!

strawberries2This post is all about planting tips for getting the biggest bang for your buck, including companion planting tips!

guttersMaybe this year you want to get creative with your strawberry planting! In this post, I’ll show you how you can build a gutter garden for your strawberries in under two hours!


You’ll Never Guess How Much Food I Grew in 2014!

Drum roll, please! Last year, on my powerhouse of a lot (only 4,000 square feet), I grew 172 pounds of organic produce!!! And all the single ladies laid 29 1/2 dozen eggs! Isn’t that mind-boggling?! I am as proud as an urban farm girl can be!

Here are some of the things I’m most proud of:

donationsI donated 10 pounds of food to the food bank. I was under the 10% goal I was hoping for, but it added something to someone’s meals and that makes me happy.

46230_727250547313877_9143299375650060489_nI harvested (and ate and canned) 22 pounds of strawberries! Turns out strawberries are the second largest producer on my urban farm. The most delicious ground cover ever!!!

10557300_751268454912086_1498603141024872937_nI totally met my tomato-growing goal with 52 pounds of ripe red tomatoes! My total yield was 71 pounds if you include the green ones, which I used! So, why not count those babies too?!

10154325_688862607819338_8938740373409317194_nI always add one new element to the farm each year. Last year, I added to aeroponic Tower Gardens, which I used almost exclusively for growing salad greens (I grew my tomatillos in them too – just over 9 pounds of them!). I was able to harvest 22 pounds of greens from my towers last year! Seriously, Eric and I would go out to the towers with our salad bowls and harvest huge bowls of salad that we’d eat almost daily. Best investment I’ve made in a long time!

I can hardly wait to see what abundance 2015 holds! I’m so grateful for this little farm!

First_GardenWant to see how I make it happen? Join me for a class at the Urban Farm Schoolhouse and I’ll let you in on my tricks of the trade! I’ve come along way from this one raised bed where I started and I’ve love every minute of it!

chalkClick here to come grow with me!

Urban Farm Fashion Statements

11001846_846409595397971_8208010011669954977_nI think my excitement for the arrival spring is showing up in my wardrobe these days. These botanical accessories are making me so happy lately! The KALE sweatshirt is just too much! Apparently, Beyonce really put this sweatshirt on the map (according to a guy in the airport who told me he liked my Beyonce sweatshirt). I wanted to say something ridiculous like, “Oh, she went to KU too? Neat.” But I refrained. Eric and I joke about that often. So if nothing else, the sweatshirt brings us silly and oh-so-nerdy joy.

succulents2And then there are these amazing succulent hair pins. They showed up in my Etsy newsfeed, made by the same awesomely talented artist who made these gardenias for my wedding:

theDavisons_web-312She makes these adorable succulent hair pins (among many other beautiful clay floral hair pieces) for brides. But who says brides have to have all the fun and beautiful hair accessories? They’re just too precious to resist and for an urban farm girl itching for spring, they’re priceless!

*Image of succulent pins by dkdesignshawaii

Sky_View_Garden copy

A Monthly Garden Meet Up!

I am super excited to announce a fun new way to connect and grow in the garden this year – the Urban Farm Schoolhouse Monthly Meet Up!

This is an opportunity to plan and grow, side-by-side, throughout the entire growing season. I’ll be letting you in on what’s worked for me and what I’m doing in my own garden each month. It’s like a garden apprenticeship! In each session, you will be able to plan, practice, and learn about what to do in the vegetable garden each month with encouragement and “technical” support.

Topics will include:

  • Seeds – what vegetable seeds to plant that month and how to care for them
  • Soil – how to care for and build soil
  • Fertilizer – which plants to fertilize when and how
  • Tools and Structures – what structures to put in place for plants that month
  • Future Planning – gardening moves to make in order to be prepared for the coming months
  • Miscellaneous topics relevant to that month, such as seed sowing, harvesting, and seed saving

The meet ups will be on the 4th Saturday of the month, starting this month on Saturday, February 28th!

For more details and to sign up, click HERE!

I hope you’ll share this with other aspiring gardeners in your life -the more, the merrier!! Better yet, maybe you’ll decide to join me! It’s going to be so fun!

*Image by Lori Eanes