Grow an Abundance of Strawberries this Summer!

strawberryLast year, I harvested this huge juicy strawberry! Can you see the quarter I used for scale? Crazy, right?! And it wasn’t the only one! Second to tomatoes, strawberries are the most abundant producers on my little urban farm. I grew 22 pounds of them last year!

barerootSince many of you are likely bringing home bare root strawberries from plant sales like these or will be buying strawberry starts in the near future, I wanted to remind you of some simple strawberry planting tips! They certainly worked for me!

strawberries2This post is all about planting tips for getting the biggest bang for your buck, including companion planting tips!

guttersMaybe this year you want to get creative with your strawberry planting! In this post, I’ll show you how you can build a gutter garden for your strawberries in under two hours!


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