When I get married, there will be bunting!

theDavisons_web-312Four months ago  last Tuesday, I married my best friend. I said “I do” with a heart full of joy, surrounded by our best friends and family.

theDavisons_web-153I knew before we even met that when I got married, there would be bunting. I knew I would handcraft every bit of my wedding and handcraft it I did. So many friends who were at our wedding said what they loved most was all of the personal touches, the thought that went into every detail. I couldn’t have been more pleased. It was, without a doubt, the wedding of my dreams.

theDavisons_web-202Since I only plan on getting married once, I want to revel in it for a minute by showing you how it turned out! This will be the first of a couple of posts that will highlight all of the handmade details that made our wedding so special. Today, we’ll start with my favorite part – the bunting!

theDavisons_web-008Type bunting into the search box of my blog and you’ll get various posts of bunting crafts I’ve made over the years. When I sat at my sewing machine sewing hundreds of feet of colorful triangles for our big day, Eric asked me, “So, what does bunting mean to you? What is it about bunting that you love so much?” It’s hard to put my finger on it, but I think I love it because it reminds me of life – colorful and full of joy and whimsy!

buntingFor the majority of the bunting that adorned the tables and draped across the main entertainment area, I used red, yellow, and blue fabrics. Many people make bunting with flags that are double sided, but considering the fact that I was planning on sewing 500 feet of it, I decided to go with a simpler option.

theDavisons_web-055My method was pretty easy. I created a foam board triangle that I used as a template for cutting. I cut the triangles out using a scalloped rotary cutter to give the edges a fun, finished look. I used double folded bias tape for the top. I simply slipped a triangle into the fold and used my sewing machine to sew a straight stitch across the top. Each bias tape is 4 yards, so I used that length for single strands and connected multiple bias tapes when I needed longer strands, like for the area across the pool.

theDavisons_web-084Right behind the cake table, we hung strands of some of our favorite pictures – childhood pictures of Eric and me and our favorite shots from our engagement photo shoot. The bunting on top was an afterthought (thank you, Radhi!), but it totally pulled the whole thing together and made it feel like an integral part of the decor.

theDavisons_web-407And of course, the cake had bunting! I love the little flag bunting I got from this Etsy shop.

theDavisons_web-090In places where I wanted some lettering, I sewed in natural canvas triangles, which I cut out the same way. I hand painted a letter onto each triangle. Since mom was with us in spirit, I made a “Mom” bunting strand to put on the chair we designated to honor her.

theDavisons_web-504In other places, I made bunting to decorate and designate certain tables at the wedding. We pinned the LOVE bunting I made on our sweetheart table. Our Mr. and Mrs. bunting adorned the DJ’s table. I also made ENJOY! bunting for the buffet table and CHEERS! bunting for the bar table.

theDavisons_web-375I made extra special bunting for a few choice areas. For the ceremony backdrop, our sweetheart table, and above the doorway where I walked out to walk down the aisle I made white bunting. I used five or six different white and beige fabrics. For a little extra good luck, I added something blue – light blue triangles that I incorporated randomly into each strand. These strands are super special and I hope to someday use them to make a quilt for the little one we want to add to our family.

theDavisons_web-080So much bunting to love! I can’t wait to show you more handmade details of our wedding! Check back next week to see what I came up with for the tables and how I used seed packets for our seating cards! Love and joy abounds!

* Photos by Alex Smith Photography

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  3. lillywarner

    Wow. So impressed. That must have been a lot of bunting to sew, but it looks like it was so worth it, as it looks so cool all together! It looks like it was an amazing day. I also love that you honored your mother and that you plan on re-using these on a quilt. Nice job Stacy!


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