Farm to Table Wedding Reception and Seating Chart

theDavisons_web-344If you didn’t see the first post in this series, click here to see all the colorful bunting I made for my wedding. In today’s post, I want to show you what I did for the reception tables and how we directed people to their seats. It’s one of my favorite parts!

theDavisons_web-101When you’re planning a wedding and you’re on a tight budget, one of the first things you have to do is figure out what your priorities are. For me, one of my top priorities was the flowers. I knew I wanted summer blooms  to fill all the antique jars and containers I had collected and I knew I wanted to arrange them myself.


theDavisons_web-009I spent the months leading up to my wedding carefully crafting and organizing all the details for the wedding. Then, the day before the wedding, I spent the entire day nerding out over my flower arrangements while I simultaneously delegated jobs and had my girlfriends finishing projects I had created and transported to our wedding location in southern California. I loved every minute of that chaotic day.  I loved losing myself in the beautiful blossoms we got from a wholesale flower grower while people around me bustled in preparation.

theDavisons_web-087theDavisons_web-081Much like the bunting, I chose flowers that were white, yellow, and red. The red blooms were strategic though, only where we needed a pop of color. Each table got a trio of bouquets – an antique blue quart Ball jar, a tall 1 1/2 pint mason jar, and a random antique bottle or vase from my collection. There were an abundance of yellow and white dahlias and beautiful, big sunflowers.

theDavisons_web-383For our sweetheart table, we had an antique pitcher filled with my favorite flowers. My mother-in-law made the burlap table squares for all of the tables, with blue stitching to match.

theDavisons_web-392For our champagne flutes, we used two that are treasured in my family. These champagne flutes are the same ones my mom and dad used at their wedding. My dad etched their names and their wedding date on the glasses. When my sister got married, my dad etched their names and wedding date on them and they toasted with them too. Of course, for my wedding, daddy etched them with our names and date. Toasting to our marriage in those special glasses was magic!

theDavisons_web-395My best friend, Radhi, surprised me with a gift a few hours before the ceremony. In the package of goodies were these adorable Mr. and Mrs. forks, which made their way to our table for the meal. I felt loved with every bite.

theDavisons_web-387As an alternative to a guest book, we put markers and fun questionnaires on the tables for people to complete while they ate. I got the idea after filling out said questionnaire at Radhi’s wedding. When planning for my own wedding, I asked her if she had an extra copy that I could use and she surprised me by saying that she had stashed a bunch away (enough for our whole wedding!) so that I could use them when I got married. She knows me so well! They were so much fun to read!

theDavisons_web-388Our botanical seating chart was absolutely perfect for our party. At each round table, we could sit eight guests. I bought one set of seed packets for each table. For example, if there were four couples at a table, I bought four packets of peas for the table. I labeled each seed packet with the couple’s names.


IMG_4052We bought a couple rustic barn wood frames and stapled chicken wire to the inside of each one. Eric built a small stand onto the back so they stood up. We used small clothes pins to clip each seed packet onto the frame. When it was time for the reception, our guests went up to the frame, found their name, and discovered what table they’d be sitting at.


Seed_Packet_CollageIf a couple had their name on a pack of beets that meant they were sitting at the beet table. Using medium-sized kraft-colored envelopes, I hand drew the vegetable for each table. I drew each one in a pair, for obvious reasons. I hand stamped the name of the vegetable up top and wrote a love quote on the bottom.

theDavisons_web-428Besides the fact that Seattle Seed Company‘s seeds are favorites of mine, their classic kraft paper packaging was absolutely perfect for our decor. I was happy to have a small, local business, a representation of our hometown at our “destination” wedding, highlighted at our wedding. The seed packets ended up being favors for our guests so they got to take a little piece of Seattle home with them.

theDavisons_web-252And of course, there were blue Ball jars for drinking. Would you expect anything less from me? Our guests wrote their names on the labels we tied around each jar so they could keep track of their drinking glass throughout the night. We put the jars and lids in a basket near the door so they could take one home with their jar when they left – another functional wedding favor!

Later this week, I’m going to share how we had our guests contribute to our wedding decor and I’ll show you all the fun ways I used chalkboards! Stay tuned!

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