Charming Chalkboards for a Handmade Wedding

theDavisons_web-365This is the third post of a series about my handmade wedding. Join me as a revel in the joy and craftiness of it all! And click here to see more!

theDavisons_web-098Once I discovered chalkboard paint, it was pretty much over for me. I just can’t get enough of my DIY chalkboard projects. I adore their charming look and love the challenge of penning different fonts by hand. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I used chalkboards as an integral part of our wedding decor.

quote_RSVPsIt started on our invitations. I used a block stamp and a thin tip Sharpie to create small slates on the invitation and RSVP cards. We asked our guests to write their favorite quote about love or marriage on the back of the RSVP cards.

theDavisons_web-086theDavisons_web-087I wrote each of our guests’ quotes onto small slates that we created by getting thin plywood boards at a local art store and painting them with chalkboard paint. I primed the chalkboard surface with real chalk and then used chalk pens to do the writing. I found that the regular tip, not the thin tip, pens worked the best.chalkboard_collageWe incorporated those quote boards into the decor by placing them on tables, nestling them in bushes, and hanging them from trees. It was so neat to have all of your guests’ favorite quotes about love and marriage surrounding us on our special day. 

theDavisons_web-091I made some other small chalkboards to take care of logistics too. Our wedding was not a formal one by any means and we knew we wanted our friends and family to sit together for our ceremony. One of the chalkboard signs propped up on a chair ended up being a super charming way to communicate that to our guests.

theDavisons_web-089Since we got married in Los Olivos, California in August, during the height of summer heat, we wanted our guests to be comfortable. My old water bath canner was the perfect thing to hold the fans we bought for our guests to use.

Chalkboard_SignsI used little chalkboard signs to place next to each dish we were serving in the BBQ dinner buffet we served. Eric also made me a bunch of chalkboard signs to point our guests in the right direction.

A few months after the wedding was over, after we got our incredible wedding photos back from our photographer and were able to make some custom thank you cards, we began working on thank you packages for our guests. This is where everything came full circle. Our guests sent their favorite quotes to us on their RSVP cards, we used them as decor in our wedding, and then sent the special boards to our guests. We included a thank you card and CD of the special music we used during the ceremony and reception. We had so much fun at our wedding and so much fun putting these little thank you packages together for our friends!

I’ve got one more post of wedding goodness for you, my friends! Stay tuned!

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