Homegrown Carrots in 5 Easy Steps

image (3)Carrots can be tricky little buggers, but in a few easy steps, you can be growing carrots in your backyard or on your patio. Here’s what I’ve learned from my carrot-growing experience:

Step 1: Plant in Containers

IMG_3973I will never grow carrots in the ground again. Adding light and fluffy, nutrient-rich potting soil to containers creates an amazing environment for beautifully formed roots.

Step 2: Shallow Seed Sowing

Sow the seed near the surface and just sprinkle the top with potting soil to barely cover. Carrot seeds are small and you don’t want to bury them.

Step 3: Keep the Seed Bed Moist!

photo (18)This step is probably the most important! Germinating carrot seeds can be tricky so it is imperative that the seed bed stays moist. I achieve this by cutting a piece of floating row cover and placing it over the top of the container, loosely so that young carrot seeds can grow without getting smashed.

Step 4: Keep Your Eye Out!

IMG_3975Place the buckets or containers where you can keep an eye on them. Inconsistent watering is a killer for carrots – you’ll want to be able to see it and know when you need to water again. Also, after you sow your seeds, you’ll need to watch for your seedlings so you can thin them.

Step 5: Thin Those Babies!

photo (15)photo (16)photo (17)Thinning is critical for carrots. If you want beautifully round carrots, you need to give them room to grow. Carrots don’t appreciate having their roots disturbed, so thin them with a pair of sharp scissors. First, find the biggest, best-looking seedling in the stand of carrot seedlings. Then, gently cut away all the other seedlings except the one you’re saving.

I’ve been watering my beets and carrots with the Alaska brand fish emulsion fertilizer designed for blooming plants. It’s 0-10-10, high in the nutrients that promote root development and overall plant health.

That’s all there is to it – 5 steps to backyard carrots.

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2 thoughts on “Homegrown Carrots in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Lilly

    Thank you so much for this post! I do have trouble with carrots. They either don’t germinate well or one year, they germinated but then disappeared from under the ree-may. I’m thinking maybe a gopher got em’. It was a bummer though. The best they ever grew was when I grew them in a feed trough, so I just may go back to that.Thanks for the tips!

  2. d

    I’ve had very good luck the past few years growing them in raised bed with minimal attention (no cover for moisture retention). Some watering, but nothing too intensive. You’re definitely right about the thinning. I actually think the real key is getting the variety that works with our climate. I’ve had amazing success with Mokum Hybrid seeds (usually get mine from territorial)


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