Fabric Scrap Bunting and “Chalk Board” Wedding Invitations

IMG_3834You know there’s going to be bunting. And chalk boards too. I set the tone for our wedding from the get-go with our wedding invitations. We skipped “Save the Date” cards and went straight to the invitation. I made each one by hand with more love than you can imagine and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.


I found a solid rectangle stamp, in two different sizes, which I used to create a chalk board on each one. When the ink was dry, I used a thin-tip sharpie to draw a border around each black rectangle to make them look more like slates. The little nails really did it for me. There’s something Shel Silverstein-esque that I just love about them. I used a white gel pen to write our initials on each chalkboard. Yes, I did every one of our invitations by hand this way.

IMG_3733Next, I cut out hundreds of mini, scalloped bunting flags using a rotary cutter and the tons of scrap fabric I hold on to for just this sort of occasion. I glued each flag onto the cards with a dab of Tacky glue. Finally, I sewed a line through the top of the bunting flags using my trusty sewing machine.

IMG_3715Of course, no wedding invitation would be complete without a matching RSVP card. I used the same technique to create the easels on each card. We asked our guests to write a quote on the back so that we can incorporate them into the decor of our wedding (you’ll see where I’m going with this later). It is so much fun to see who’s coming and even more fun to read the special quotes that speak to our friends.

IMG_3837No matter who checks the mail, Eric and I wait for each other to be present to open each card and we savor the moment together. Clearly, we are smitten and are loving every moment of this blissful road!

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