Schoolhouse Construction Update #2

photo (5)I finally have a moment to breathe. What a wild and amazing ride this has been! The schoolhouse is nearing completion – next week it will be painted, well-lit, furnished and ready for classes!

image (1)I will post a full reveal with before and after pictures next week when I can finally say the project is “done.” For now, I’ll share with you what’s made me so happy this week. Windows!

photo (6)IMG_3640My best friend said the other day that everything felt real when she saw the picture with the window. I knew exactly what she meant. The moment I walked out to the schoolhouse, looked out the newly-installed window and could see the garden and chicken coop from inside, I was overcome by emotions. This is real and it is happening!

IMG_3457I rewatched The Field of Dreams…again. I can’t help but feel an uncanny connection with Kevin Costner’s character. It started out as a crazy idea, a calling, one that I timidly shared with Eric over pizza in November. And like the wife in the movie, Eric enthusiastically supported and encouraged me in making this dream a reality. I moved forward in faith that if I build it, hopeful gardeners and eager learners would come. And they are. Classes are filling up and I am able to share the space with my community just like I hoped to do. I was able to make my first Lettuce Link donation (I’m donating 10% of everything I earn through farm school!) and it felt even better than I expected. Every time I step foot in the schoolhouse, I wear a smile I can’t shake.

“I don’t know what lies around the bend, but I’m going to believe that the best does.” – L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables)

Upcoming Classes I’m Super Excited About:

Mosaic Flower Stone Workshop – I can hardly wait for this one! Art + Garden = Magic!

Family Favorites – One class, all my favorite foods! Neat!


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  1. LoriH

    I love the aesthetic! Cool window moldings, rad chairs and lights! I can’t wait to see all the details!
    Congrats on finding your passion and sharing with others! 🙂


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