Ball Jar Garden Twine Holders

IMG_3814I love these Ball jar garden twine holders so much! They’re great for storing all my garden twine and they look so charming on the window sill.

IMG_3775My love drilled a hole into the lid using a glass and tile bit so it doesn’t snag the metal. It leaves a nice, clean-edged hole. We went ahead and put a grommet on it anyway. It just looks more finished that way.

IMG_3813I pulled the end of the twine through the hole in the lid and it really helps keep the twine in check. I’ve already started using them in the garden to build my trellises. It’s as functional as it is beautiful, which in my garden makes it a winner!

One thought on “Ball Jar Garden Twine Holders

  1. Rella

    Adorable! Thanks for sharing this idea. Given my habit of frequently dropping things, I may re-purpose plastic jars for this instead of glass.


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