Winning the Fight Against Allergies, Naturally!

If you’re like me, your allergies are crazy right now. Something is in the air right now that is clogging up my airways something fierce! So it’s around this time when I start breaking out all my natural allergy remedies. One awesome allergy support I love is drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon in it when I get ready in the morning. It helps reduce mucus that’s built up overnight.

Another one of my favorite allergy busters is nettles. I’ve been drinking nettle tea a lot lately and have just about used up my store of dehydrated nettles. Luckily, it’s nettle foraging time, so I can go out and find myself some more!

Making nettle tea is as simple as submerging a handful of fresh nettles into water and simmering the pot of water for about 10 minutes. The tea is rich and nutty-tasting. It’s also fantastic for reducing mucus. Another way to make and store nettle tea is to dehydrate your fresh nettles so that you can make tea later. I store bags of dried nettles in the freezer to better maintain its freshness. Then, I put dried nettle leaves into a tea ball that I use for loose leaf tea. I place it in warm water and let it steep like I would make a regular cup of tea.

My friend Nicole, my Ayurveda guru, recently wrote a post about ways to support the body during this time, the Kapha season (read it here). She offers a few other tips for finding allergy relief and balance.

Want to read more about nettles and foraging fun? I went kind of crazy with it a couple years ago when I got started. Check out these fun posts:



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