Schoolhouse Construction Update #1

I mentioned earlier, but I’ll say it again – it’s happening!!! The schoolhouse construction has begun and it is quite possible that I’ll be able to host my first spring class on the 15th in my new space! Of course, it won’t be totally done by then, but it will likely be damn close! Words cannot express how thrilled I am! This is making my midwinter merrier for sure!

An outsider wouldn’t notice much difference at this point, but we certainly do. Much time as been spent hauling things out of the space so I even have an empty space to work with. And that, my friends, has been huge. We’ve also begun prepping the space for electrical (for all my awesome new lighting, which the whole interior design has been crafted around – that’s enough for a whole other post!). Those super awesome schoolhouse lights have been ordered and are on their way!

imageI wanted to replace the existing door with a door that had a window so that it’d have a bit more character and would let more light in. I thought we’d be able to use an old antique door we took off the basement door frame, but it turns out it was just a bit too big. Luckily, we have a super amazing contractor who listens to my vision and pays attention to my style. He went to the ReStore in Ballard and scored an even more awesome door than we had before. The window is quite a bit longer and will now match up with the bottom of the windows I’m putting in the side of the garage. Plus, it fits perfectly! Score! My mother-in-law said it best, “It’s a door to a whole new world!” A world where I get to bring people together in the name of homegrown food and live my dream! I’ll take it!

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