Naturally-Colored Eggs for Easter

photo (8)You can probably imagine my delight when I discovered that Eric’s step-sister is in the business of creating botanical paints. Through her company, Glob Colors, she sells all kinds of eco-friendly art products that are made with fruit, vegetable and herb pigments.

IMG_3611She was gracious enough to share some samples with me so I could play and since Easter is coming up, I decided to start with the egg coloring kit. This weekend, I dyed eggs, naturally!

IMG_3615The first thing I noticed when I mixed the pigments together with water was how flavorful they smelled! There was something pleasantly savory about them! The Easter egg kit comes with three packets of natural pigments – radish, cabbage and annatto.

Image (1)I’ve always loved how brown eggs look when they’re dyed. The colors are so bold and more jewel-toned than white eggs. Turns out, when they’re dyed with these incredibly rich pigments, they’re even more dramatic and beautiful!

photo (9)The kit comes with suggestions for dying the eggs in multiple pigments in order to achieve different colors, like dying the egg in the yellow annatto color and then in the blue cabbage color to get green. I don’t think it works out quite as well with brown eggs and yet I love the double-dipped brown egg colors all the same. I just think they’re lovely.

Clearly, Sprocket did too. And since the dyes are all-natural, I didn’t stress when he wanted to get a taste. So the verdict? I had as much fun dying eggs as I did when I was a kid. I can only imagine what I’ll feel when I break out the paints!

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  1. Melissa

    The woman behind Glob paints is your sister-in-law? That’s so cool! We have these Easter dyes and the paint kits in stock right now at Plum Goods! Do you mind if I share your post on the store’s page?

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