Egg-static for Spring!

eggsThis happened a few weeks ago. I finally found some eggs in the nesting box after a long, long hiatus. Three of my five hens are geriatric and after a very light fall, I thought their egg laying days were over. The two other younger hens have never been super productive. I really just haven’t expected much from this lot lately. So you can imagine my surprise when I started finding multiple eggs in the nesting box. I’ve got more than a dozen eggs on my counter right now! I am, um, egg-static!

boil_an_eggI saw this yesterday on Learn to Preserve’s Facebook page and since it’s obviously egg-laying time again, I thought I’d share it as well. Check out the article from Bon Appetit (here) for the skinny on how to properly boil an egg.

Upcoming Classes! Will you join us?

There are still spots open in my upcoming farm schoolhouse classes! They’re going to be just what you need to gear up for spring – From Lawn to Lunch, Indoor Seed Starting, Space Saver Gardening and Tons of Tomatoes! Grab your spot soon! I can’t wait to garden with you! Let’s grow together!

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