My Favorite Tomatoes

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photoTomatoes are probably my favorite thing to grow. I love the challenge of growing them in this climate. I love trying to exceed the previous year’s harvest totals. I love using every trick and tool in my gardening bag of tricks to create the most optimal environment I can for these little gems. Growing tomatoes makes my inner garden nerd shine.

Over the past four years now, I have collected seeds from my homegrown heirloom tomatoes and sown them in my garden the following spring. I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to tear open my own envelop of homegrown seeds. It’s some kind of magic. I usually try and grow a new variety every year, but I most definitely have some trusty favorites that will likely always have a place in my tomato bed. Here are my go-to heirlooms:

  • Stupice (hands down my earliest and most productive variety)
  • San Marzanos
  • Jean Flame (I’d grow these gems for their color alone!)
  • Cherokee Purple

What are your must-have tomato varieties?

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