Love Notes

IMG_3281Just before my flower and garden show presentation last week, as I battled the first-time jitters, my love looked at me and said, “Just remember, who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear a word you’re saying.” It’s one of his favorite Emerson quotes – what he says to me when he wants to gently remind me to show up and be seen.* It’s how he reminds me that being myself and speaking my truth is  more important than anything I think I have to say. I find it incredibly nurturing and grounding.

IMG_3279I wrote it on my refrigerator chalkboard, a large piece of foam board I’ve spray painted with chalk board paint. It’s a blank canvas for whatever kind of inspiration is needed at the time. It’s large and eye-catching – where I can see it and be reminded as I come and go.

IMG_3273Of course, no love note would be complete without strings of hearts. I cut out a couple handfuls of paper hearts and strung them together on the sewing machine. A couple of mini-clothes pins holds them in place. It’s a love note for my love and a reminder for me.

*I was introduced to Brene Brown when I stumbled across her TED talk on vulnerability. What she had to say about shame and vulnerability really moved me. I’m in the middle of her book, Daring Greatly, and as I continue to push my comfort zone in pursuit of my dreams, to show up and be seen, I find her message and perspective comforting and inspiring. 

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