An Awesome New Use for My Digital Thermometer!

Here it is – the annual 30 day countdown til spring! From now until the first day of spring, I will post ways to make the dreary days of midwinter a little more merry. Click the “Midwinter Merriment” category button on the right to see more merry things.

IMG_3412It’s Day 21of Midwinter Merriment and what’s making me happy today is finally getting my butt in gear to start my spring seeds! The first step for me is always sterilizing my seed starting medium so that it’s ready to plant. Like I said in this post (did I mention it has a video tutorial in it?), the goal is to create the most optimal, artificial environment possible, so the seeds will germinate and the seedlings will thrive before they have to make the transition to the great outdoors. The biggest part of this process is getting the soil temperature to 140 – 180 degrees, which is warm enough to kill most plant viruses and plant pathogenic bacteria.

It’s usually a delicate dance of opening the oven door and checking the soil’s temperature over and over again until I know it’s at the optimal temperature. That’s important since once it has reached that range, it needs to stay there for 30 minutes to run its course. But yesterday, I came up with the most awesome solution that made this process a breeze – use my turkey thermometer! These awesome digital thermometer and timer sticks to the outside of the oven with magnets and can be set to go off when a certain temperature is reached. I set it for 140 and when the alarm went off, I set the timer for 30 minutes. I also set the alert to let me know when it reached 180 so I could remove the trays before they got too hot. Like I said, this made the work so amazingly easy! I only wish I would have thought of this earlier!

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