Postcard from Santa Barbara

image (2)Santa Barbara is a little gem. After an amazing extended weekend in this sweet little city, I can’t seem to stop smiling. A girl who overheard me gushing about my trip even asked, “Are you always this happy?” I enjoyed myself that much.

photo (21)I smile when I think about all the wonderful food we ate. The wheat germ pancakes at East Beach Grill were almost as amazing as our beach side table and gorgeous ocean view.

photo (23)The fish tacos at the Coral Casino with that magenta pickled cabbage – you wouldn’t have to twist my arm to eat those again. Oh, and don’t get me started on The Natural Cafe. It’s a green-eating, veggie lover’s dream! We went ahead and made that happen twice on this trip. I am so going to recreate their signature “natural salad” with lemon herb dressing at home. I’ll post my recipe as soon as that mission has been accomplished.

Image (1)I smile when I think about the little excursion we took to this butterfly preserve to see monarch butterflies rest during their migration south for winter. The Goleta Monarch Butterfly Grove, located in the preserve, is where you’ll find hundreds of monarchs dripping from sky-high branches like dried leaves. I tried to capture the beauty in a photo, but without a telephoto lens, I was at a loss. If it were not for the crowds of people looking up at them, I might not have known they were there. An occasional flutter and a butterfly landing or flying away is all that really gave them away.

photo (22)I’m home now and my mini-vacation is over, yet I smile when I think about how lovely it was to feel the warm sun on my skin in the middle of January. I grin when I think about all the friends and family and love that made this weekend getaway so incredibly memorable and special. I am already planning my return.

Yours, full of love, fun memories and vitamin D,



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