Cilantro Lime Brussels Sprout Slaw

IMG_2621When your friend is willing to share a bounty of local, organic Brussels sprouts, you take her up on it. The abundance of Brussels sprouts I ended up with, a five stalk bundle, inspired all kinds of delicious meals and I can’t wait to share them with you. It’s local food “Iron Chef” and this is what I’ve done with my featured ingredient, the first of several Brussels sprout posts to come.

My bounty of Brussels sprouts came from my friend, Janelle, the founder of the awesome new farm food site called Farmstr. It’s a super cool online marketplace that connects local farms with local consumers. Janelle says,

Farmstr is passionate about supporting farmers, and enabling their success by bringing them new customers and better margins. Farmstr is excited about making it possible for anyone, people like you and me, to easily find and access nearby farms, choose farmers, ranchers, and fishermen to support and to be able to buy farm fresh food for less than you would pay at the store.

If Farmstr is new to you, I’d encourage you to check it out!  It’s an amazing resource for Seattleites who want to connect with local farmers for seasonal, organic food. Seattle Seedling readers that sign up to get the weekly e-update about new food offered in the marketplace will get $6.50 off their first Farmstr purchase! That’s a free dozen eggs or a nice little discount off of your own bundle of Brussels sprouts or other local goodness! Score!

To get your first timer bonus, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to

2. Sign up to get the weekly hot sheet delivered to your inbox (the dialogue box on the site, front and center). I love this because then I know exactly what new goodies are being offered without having to check back on the site all the time.

3. When you sign up, let Janelle know that you heard about Farmstr on my blog and you’ll get your bonus! Neat!

IMG_2636Brussel Sprout Recipe No.1

Cilantro Lime Brussels Sprout Slaw

A light bulb went off in my head when it occurred to me that I could use Brussels sprouts the way I like to use cabbage. They’re like mini-cabbages! My boyfriend, a steadfast Brussels sprout hater, would beg to differ, but if you gave me the Pepsi challenge, especially in this recipe, I couldn’t tell the difference. I loved every single bite of this slaw – my tacos never tasted better!

The measurements for this slaw are not precise and that’s on purpose. This salad is meant to be simple, easy and delicious. Chop up the Brussels sprouts you have available and adjust the amounts of lime, salt and dressing to taste. It’s really hard to mess this up.


Fresh, raw Brussels sprouts (about one stalk worth)
1 lime
A handful of cilantro
One batch of this creamy cilantro dressing


Rinse the Brussels sprouts, trim the ends and peel off the outside leaves of the sprouts.

Halve and then thinly slice the Brussels sprouts; put them into a medium-size mixing bowl.

Squeeze the juice of a lime over the Brussels sprout shreds and sprinkle with salt. Mix to incorporate thoroughly. Let the Brussels sprouts marinate a bit while you put together the cilantro dressing. Click here for a link to that recipe.

Add the dressing to the slaw and mix well.

IMG_2637Serving ideas:

I love to serve this slaw with homemade carnitas (Have you made these yet? They are killer!). When I made my Brussels sprout slaw this week, I added it to some rotisserie chicken tacos in corn tortillas with fresh avocado.  I imagine it’d be amazing with some homemade fish tacos as well. I have a feeling I’m going to be making this Brussels sprout slaw again very soon.

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    Thanks Stacy! That recipes sounds killer and love all your pics!! Thanks for giving Farmstr a shout;) – Hello Nicole – saw your sign-up;). Will refund you $6.50 from your first purchase!

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