Produce by the Pound: September

photo (1)More than celebrating the actual poundage of food I harvested last month, I am giving myself a hearty pat on the back for harvesting or cooking anything at all. September hit me like a truck and I consider it a miracle that I actually harvested some food, did some garden cleanup that was way over do and even got some fall and overwintering seeds sown. It feels like a bigger accomplishment than winning a blue ribbon. As much as I love being out in my garden, I am grateful that the rain is watering my seed beds and that my to-do list is wrapping up. I think both my garden and I could use a little time to recharge.

I managed to get a pretty decent newsletter sent out for the month of October. This month, I shared my current favorite kale salad! I’d invite you to check it out. Better yet, sign up and get it for free, delivered to your inbox every month! It’d be my pleasure!

September 2013 – Produce Tally:

Personal Consumption –

Kale – 1 lb 2 oz
Beets/beet greens – 2 oz
Rhubarb – 1 lb 4oz
Radhishes – 1 lb 2 oz
Tomatoes – 9 lbs 8 oz
Carrots – 1 lb 6 oz
Garlic – 8 oz

Eggs – 13 (Molt much, ladies?)

Total produce harvested during the month of September: 15 lbs

Total food bank donations for the year: 9 lbs

Grand Total for 2013 (as of October 1):

Approximately 107 lbs, 2 oz and about 28 dozen eggs

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One thought on “Produce by the Pound: September

  1. Rachel Marcotte

    Hi Stacey

    Not sure if you remember me but I used to live on 102nd St and was trying to put together the intersection painting on 96th… anyway Michael and I (and the chickens) moved to rural Oregon and are starting a huge garden on our 10 acres outside of Eugene. I’m still enjoying your blog and it’s nice to see your success with your urban farm and other projects! Keep up the good work, I miss Seattle a little but love my new place. I’m managing a small farmers market here at our local Grange. I don’t blog but post a lot of stuff on Instagram “grandemamou” is my Instagram handle if you want to look me up. Cheers, Rachel


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