Produce by the Pound: August

kaleAs I calculate my August totals, here is what I’m celebrating:

  • Sharing with neighbors is awesome!
  • My fall kale crop, which I started in late summer, is amazing!
  • One word: tomatoes.
  • Vitamixes are awesome at pureeing the baby beets, stems and greens that I often make into smoothies. Beet smoothies are like raspberry smoothies in disguise.
  • Holy cats, Batman! I’ve almost produced 100 pounds of food this year! I live on the little urban farm that could!

Here is what I’m noticing:

  • I need to step up my squash game. Summer Squash 2014 challenge accepted, wherein I try and produce the poundage of zucchini and cucumbers I know I’m capable of producing.
  • All the single ladies are getting up in their years and it shows in this summer’s egg production. It might be time to add a few new chicks into the mix next spring.

August 2013 – Produce Tally:

Personal Consumption –

Pears – 3.5 lbs (Overhang from my neighbor’s tree! Score!)
Kale – 1 lb 11 oz
Cucumbers – 9 oz
Beets/beet greens – 1 lb
Strawberries – 3 oz
Raspberries – 6 oz
Zucchini –  1/2 lb (Honestly! Not my year!)
Tomatoes – 17 lbs
Carrots – 13 oz

*Culinary lavender – 10 oz

Eggs – 31 (2 dozen plus 7 eggs)

Total produce harvested during the month of August: 26 lbs 4 oz

Total food bank donations for the year: 9 lbs (Just about 10% of what I’ve harvested)

Grand Total for 2013 (as of September 1):

Approximately 92 lbs, 2 oz and just under 27 dozen eggs

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3 thoughts on “Produce by the Pound: August

  1. Meg S.

    My squash are slowing down (and I think John is heaving a big sigh of relief) or I’d offer to trade for carrots! 🙂

  2. lindsey @ Bear Soap

    1) Holy shit. You have amazing attention to detail. I can’t even photograph anything that I grow b/c I eat it too quick. Never mind weighing it!!
    2) Hell to the yes on the squash front. RABBIT POOP. Even if you sold your lady, I’ll bring you a bucketful. That’s all you will need. My zucchini was the size of a smart car. No kidding. If I missed picking some for a couple of days they grew to the size of my ARM. And tasted fantastic.
    3) Your farm IS “The little urban farm that could”. I sense a children’s book in here somewhere….

  3. AH

    Hi! I have had terrible luck with cucumbers UNTIL this year when a friend turned me on to Armenian cucumbers – talk about poundage!! They get huge (up to 2 lbs or more) but still stay delicious and crispy at any size it seems, and keep ok in the fridge for over a week, even after being cut. They don’t completely replace other cucumber types, of course, but I made lots of different salads, tzatziki, smoothies, and some bread & butter pickles with them, all great. A British friend told us that Armenian cucumbers are more common in the UK than what we generally see in the grocery here. Try growing a couple of plants and see what you think!


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