Bless This Hizzy: A Not-So-Traditional Embroidery Project

photo (1)Floating around the internet last fall was a picture of a cross stitch that I knew I had to recreate. I saw it and knew there was a place for it in my living room – a juxtaposition of two themes, the traditional and the modern. This is the world I live in – I love both old school homesteading traditions and sassy pop culture. I also love that there’s more to this picture than meets the eye. If you’re not looking closely enough, you’ll think it’s just a traditional sampler, but take a closer look and you’ll see it has a little more personality.

IMG_3574Since I’m not a cross stitcher, I decided to embroider my wall hanging instead. I printed out a picture of the cross stitch that I saw online  and then I worked to make it my own. I wanted the first and second line to rhyme, so I changed the bottom line to “fo shizzy.”


IMG_3575After tracing the design with sharpie so I could see it better, I flipped it over, so it was backwards, and traced it onto another piece of paper with an iron transfer pencil (like this one)Be sure to trace the design outlines a couple times so that you end up with thick lines that will transfer well when ironed. Iron the design on to a piece of canvas.

IMG_3581Embroider your design. I used the chain stitch for the outside border, the satin stitch for the heart flowers and door, the backstitch for the lettering and the blanket stitch for the roof. My roof ended up looking a little “rustic” and if I were to do it over again, I would probably use a different stitch. But as it is, it’s got character.

IMG_3897I love the barn wood frames at Artist and Craftsman and thought it would be a good fit for this type of art. I took my embroidery and the frame to get it matted and set professionally and the result was fantastic.

IMG_3893Now that this is completed though, I need a new project for the rainy days of fall. What are you crafting these days? What projects are on your to-make list this fall?

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