Crafty Canning Labels for a Blue Ribbon

fig_jamI wasn’t planning on entering the fair this year, but I made a game time decision and entered on what happened to be the last day to register. I figured it was meant to be. Last year, I entered the fruit butter competition. This year, it’s jam.

label_itAs I learned last year from my blue ribbon “report card,” presentation is a huge part of the points you need for a ribbon. Coincidentally, that’s one of my favorite parts, so I made sure my jar was looking as stellar as possible. Here’s how I made my blue ribbon (fingers crossed!) labels.

sticker_paper1. Buy a pack of do-it-yourself sticker paper. Seriously, this stuff is fun no matter what kind of labels or stickers you’re making.

labels2. Hop on over to this awesome free site, The Jam Labelizer, and add the information you want to include on your custom label. Normally, I wouldn’t put the processing time or the fact that it was “water bath canned” on my labels, but for the fair, that’s required information.

For standard-size lids (the small ones, not the wide-mouth lids), you’ll want to adjust the labels to print 12 to a page. That will give you the perfect size circle to work with.

label_tools3. Gather your tools. For this project, you will need a paper punch that is 2 inches in diameter. I used the X-large ‘Scalloped Circle’ punch by Fiskars. (For the record, I am not sponsored by Fiskars. I just happen to love this crafty tool!) You will also need a basic pair of scissors.

After you print your labels, cut out a circle, leaving a bit of a white border around the edge.

flip_it4. Position the label inside the punch and look through the back of the tool to check your alignment. I try to make sure I have equal amounts of white bits on all the edges, though it doesn’t have to be an exact science. Punch.

Remove the paper back and beautify your jar with your personalized label. With these colorful, scalloped labels, I think that presentation score is in the bag! Here’s hoping!

2 thoughts on “Crafty Canning Labels for a Blue Ribbon

  1. Marsha

    Stacie, congratulations on the ribbon. I was all impressed that you put the canning info on the label, while it’s a requirement for entry into the fair it’s also letting a person know exactly how the product was canned. Safety is a serious issue when we’re enjoying that product many months down the road or when we give a jar as a gift to a friend! You rocked lady!

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