5 Reasons Why Wine Bottle Raised Beds Are the Best!

wine_pathIf I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if I had fun drinking the wine for my bottle-raised bed, I’d be a rich woman. The truth is while I did contribute a few bottles to the project, most of them were donated. The wine bottle raised bed that I created in the front yard is a conversation starter, for sure. Folks are always asking me what they’re for. So, here it is – the wine bottle raised bed lowdown and why I think you should make one!

beforeafter1. Ease – Building a wine bottle bed is easy and there are no tools required! Ok. That’s only sort of true. I used a garden hand tool ( like this hand weeder) to get some of the holes started. I created a “pilot hole” and then pushed the bottle firmly into the ground until the shoulders of the bottle touched the ground. I built my wine bottle bed as a raised bed – a contained border that holds “new” soil. The bottles help to contain the new garden soil and compost I loaded in.

Picnik-collage2. Sustainability – Recycling people’s wine bottles as the material for my raised bed meant I saved the lumber I’d normally use. The bottles stay out of the recycle plant and work in my garden instead.

upclose3. Drainage – Installing the wine bottles side by side allows for good drainage since there will naturally be a small space between each bottle.

wine_bottles4. Longevity – When I first installed my bed, someone asked about them breaking in the winter. They didn’t break last winter and are not filled with water, so I’m not worried about freezing water expanding and breaking the bottles. Also, glass takes hundreds of years (this resource says one million years!!) to decompose. That means they should last a hell of a lot longer than my wood raised beds. I’ll take it!

terrarium5.  Beauty – You already know I have a thing for glass art (check out my mosaic mural), so I think the bottles themselves look beautiful. But then, little ferns start growing in them, creating natural and unexpected terrariums and they become even more delightful! This has happened in almost every one of the clear wine bottles – it makes me smile every time I see it! As if I needed another reason to love this raised bed!

*Photo credit: The last two photos in this post were taking by my friend, Holli, at Holliwithani.com

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Wine Bottle Raised Beds Are the Best!

  1. Stephanie

    I loved having the opportunity to see this bed in person last night at your Fall and Winter Gardening class. It’s truly a work of art that’s super functional. 🙂

  2. Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor

    This was definitely one of my favorite elements of your garden tour video on YT. This is and the espalier fruit trees! I started collecting wine bottles to do this for a little garden bed in my yard. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


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