5 Easy Ways to Create Beautiful Bouquets

herbsI honestly grow the bulk of the flowers on my property for my local pollinators. I really do. But I’ll admit I do have a soft spot for colorful summer blooms and I can’t help but bring a few of them inside. Nothing brightens up my kitchen (or bedroom or bathroom) like a cheerful bouquet of flowers. Here are five easy ways to brighten up your abode with summer flowers.


1. Stick with one color palette or flower variety and add pops of color.

Seeing a bunch of one kind of flower in a bouquet creates a feeling of abundance. Building a bouquet with a base of flowers that are similar in color or variety gives the bouquet a sense of cohesiveness. I’ve been using white and yellow daisy-like flowers as my base flower these days. The ‘Shasta’ daisies and ‘prairie sun’ Rudbeckia are happy and bright! I add stems of pink and orange zinnia, Echinacea and lavender to add some unexpected color and texture.

cilantro2. Add herbs to your bouquets.

Longer stems of herbs add height, interesting texture and a lovely fragrance to bouquets. I love using lemon balm, lemon verbena and though not a herb, lavender. Herbs that have gone to flower, like oregano and cilantro (like in the picture above), are especially pretty!

can3. Think outside the vase.

The vessel you use to hold your flowers can add as much to the bouquet as the blooms do. Mason jars are my go-to choice, but lately, I’ve been trying to be a little more creative. I love how cute the zinnias and lavender look in a tin can. I put a smaller jar inside the can to add more support for the flowers and to keep the can from rusting. A small jar nestled inside any antique container can make an instant vase. I also have a few antique glass milk bottles that look lovely holding summer flowers.

kale_eyecandy4. Vegetables are eye candy too!

Kale has a place at my table, but not just on my plate! Placed in a vase, it adds another level of interest and color to my arrangements. As an added bonus it keeps the kale crisp and delicious. I actually store it that way in the fridge if I can’t eat it right away – a narrow vase fits right in my refrigerator door. Grouping jars of mini-bouquets is one of my favorite homemaking strategies!


jar5. Hang ’em up!

Your flowers don’t just have to sit on the table – hang them up! I had an old jar with a metal clasp attached, but the lid was long gone. I put a picture hanging nail (like this) in the wall, filled the jar with water, added some flowers from the garden and hung it on the wall. I love the new life it brought to a previously dull corner of my bedroom!

hang_itI’ve also seen people wrap wire around a mason jar and hang it from a hook. That works too! And then of course there are handcrafted vehicles for my flower obsession like my mason jar vase shelf, found here on Etsy.

Bonus! Hip Trick for Mason Jar Flower Arrangements:

Kate Payne, author of the fantastic book, The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, periodically sends out emails with random hip tricks for the kitchen and home. (You can add yourself to this awesome mailing list here.) Recently, she sent this gem:

6_26_13_mason_jar_flower_arrangingShe says,

Make a grid out of masking tape that will disappear as you populate it with different sorts of flowers. The grid also lets you work in taller flowers that would otherwise fall over. If you use the mason jar band as the base from which you start taping, you can remove it and re-use it for future arrangements.

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    My Betty Crocker Cookbook is in about the same condition as yours, ( as pictured), and I’ve used that blueberry muffin recipe many times. Thank you for the visit to nostalgia land.


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