Cardamom-spiced Pickled Rhubarb: Spice Up Your Salads

Ask me what I’ve been eating for lunch (and dinner) for the past month and you’ll get this response: Salad. And the day before? Salad. How about the day before that? Salad.

When you grow this:carpet_of_lettuce

You get this:salad_lunch

It’s all salad, all the time. And I’m not complaining. I’ve been looking forward to this time all year. But as to be expected when you’re eating basically the same thing everyday, it can get a little old. I’ve been super creative, mixing up different vinaigrettes and tossing in all kinds of different legumes, nuts and seeds for protein. But nothing made me smile like the first bite of salad I ate with pickled rhubarb sprinkled in. I ’bout lost my mind.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I found myself accidentally tuning out the conversation around me for a few moments when I started eating yesterday’s rhubarb-spiked salad at work. I almost lifted my eyes from my big bowl of greens and swooned, “this pickled rhubarb is so good. It’s just so, so good!” I thought better of it and kept the rhubarb raving to myself…until now.

040912-201101-finished-rhubarb-pickles-610-1I pretty much followed Marisa McClellan’s recipe, but swapped out the star anise for one cardamom pod (one pod per jar). If you don’t like cardamom, don’t add it to the jar. The cardamom ends up being the dominant flavor here, which is fine by me. Also, the final stalks end up a little on the soft side, but with a pair of kitchen shears, it cuts up just fine.

Marisa also mentions saving the pickling liquid to use as a drinking vinegar. Uh, seriously? Shrub and rhubarb vinaigrette, here I come! As if I needed another reason to love this canning project. Seriously, dust off your water bath canner and put up some rhubarb! It’ll have you looking forward to your salads again.

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Image of the jar of pickled rhubarb stalks from Serious Eats

2 thoughts on “Cardamom-spiced Pickled Rhubarb: Spice Up Your Salads

  1. lindsey @ NW Backyard Veggies

    This. Post. IS AWESOME.
    I have a bunch of rhubarb from not only my garden but I picked some up from the farmer’s market to make strawberry rhubarb jelly (never done this kind before) and I have so much extra! I’m totally doing this this weekend.

  2. Sarah

    I feel like my neck of the woods is about 1-2 months behind you. My rhubarb is JUST now an inch tall, but at least I know what to do with it when it’s ready. 😉


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