Beginnings: Start these seeds now!

If you slow down and take a minute to look around, I bet you’ll find a ton of beginnings. These are a few of the lovely beginnings I’ve found in my garden lately.



Seedlings are emerging. I scattered zinnia seeds along an empty row of soil in my bean bed. My cutting garden is going to happen and I didn’t have to sacrifice an entire bed to do it.

CoreopsisLavender copyBuds are forming and blooms are imminent. The bees and I can hardly wait.

peasStrawberryFruit is forming. The raspberries are starting to take shape. Pea blossoms are becoming pods. Dainty yellow flowers are becoming green tomatoes. Summer is upon us and the beginning is right under your nose.

Speaking of beginnings, you can start these seeds now:

  • Herbs: Cilantro and dill
  • Lettuce (plant a heat-tolerant variety and be ready to give it some shade on hot days)
  • Beans: Bush beans and pole beans – you could still try your hand at growing your own dried beans. Just start them soon!
  • Squash: Summer squash and cucumbers

Our NW “Second Spring” is also fast approaching. You sow seeds for your fall and winter garden throughout the summer. Start making a plan and buying your fall/winter varieties so you’re ready when it’s time to plant.

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