Midwinter Merriment: Throw a Pi Party!

Here it is – a countdown til spring. From now until the first day of spring, I will post ways to make the dreary days of midwinter a little more merry.

Day 7: Celebrate Pi Day with some pie!

PiI’m sure no one would be surprised to learn that I coordinated a pie bake-off with my staff.  We made pies in honor of Pi Day, as if we really needed an excuse to eat pie. Since Wednesdays are a better day for us to get together, we celebrated one day early. I served up a cardamom ginger apple pie with a vent in the crust, carved out special for the occasion. It was pretty awesome.

Table_RunnerI arrived ridiculously early to fill the staff lounge with Pi Day cheer! Some butcher paper and a little polka dot oil cloth became the table runner. I wrote the decimal numbers of pi  along the edges of the paper, as far as I could go.

BallotsI put out labels for the pies and ballots for the tasters. We were all judges in this contest.  I loaded up a bowl with slivers of each of pie so I could vote in good conscience. I wouldn’t want to be unfair. And for the winner, I procured the most awesome, but nerdiest prize I could find:

Pi_PlateWhat do you get if you divide the circumference of a bowl of ice cream by its diameter?
Pi a la mode!

Want to buff up your pie skills? Kate was my pie mentor and she could teach you at Pie School!

A Taste of Pie School – Ep. 1 from Stringbean Productions on Vimeo.

*Pi Plate can be found here

Day 9: Put a little summer on your pancakes.
Day 10: Feed your soil.
Day 11: Chicken gawking.
Day 12: Plant identification with kids.
Day 13: Plant your backyard berry patch.
Day 14: #dirtonmyiPhone
Day 15: Start seeds indoors.
Day 16: Sew a sassy garden tool belt.
Day 17: A class that keeps on giving!
Day 18: Buy yourself some flowers.
Day 19: Go to the park and play!
Day 20: Plant peas (and sign up for my free newsletter!)
Day 21: Take a gardening class.
Day 22:Plant bare root.
Day 23: Sign up for Seattle Seedling’s Spring Fling!
Day 24: Plant primroses.
Day 25: Get yourself a doughnut and make it “for here.”
Day 26: Frequent the Farmers’ Market
Day 27: Eat Root Vegetables Disguised as Cake!
Day 28: Be a Garden Show Goer.
Day 29: Drink more hot chocolate.
Day 30: Create a springtime “advent” calendar.

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      Thanks, love! You should have seen the pi bunting I put up too! The lighting in the staff lounge just wasn’t the best for getting a picture of it…

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