Midwinter Merriment: Feed Your Soil

Here it is – a countdown til spring. From now until the first day of spring, I will post ways to make the dreary days of midwinter a little more merry.

Day 10: Feed your soil.

17_CompostBefore I go any further, I’ll admit that today’s post, which to me makes midwinter more merry, is the ultimate proof of my garden nerdiness. Only a true garden nerd gets this excited about compost. And this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten all excited about soil – it’s getting to be a thing.

17_Bunny_compostIt’s just that when it is too early to plant anything, I know that I can at least get outside and get my soil ready for go time. Most of my raised beds have been slowly preparing all winter, breaking down spent legumes and soaking in chicken manure compost. But now, with the help of June, the beds that will be planted with spring greens are getting a big dose of bunny poop, a nitrogen powerhouse! I can’t wait to see how abundant my harvests are this year!

Check out this article, which also sings the praises of using rabbit poop in the garden.

Day 11: Chicken gawking.
Day 12: Plant identification with kids.
Day 13: Plant your backyard berry patch.
Day 14: #dirtonmyiPhone
Day 15: Start seeds indoors.
Day 16: Sew a sassy garden tool belt.
Day 17: A class that keeps on giving!
Day 18: Buy yourself some flowers.
Day 19: Go to the park and play!
Day 20: Plant peas (and sign up for my free newsletter!)
Day 21: Take a gardening class.
Day 22:Plant bare root.
Day 23: Sign up for Seattle Seedling’s Spring Fling!
Day 24: Plant primroses.
Day 25: Get yourself a doughnut and make it “for here.”
Day 26: Frequent the Farmers’ Market
Day 27: Eat Root Vegetables Disguised as Cake!
Day 28: Be a Garden Show Goer.
Day 29: Drink more hot chocolate.
Day 30: Create a springtime “advent” calendar.

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