Urban Farmhouse: Weathered Wood Wall Hanging

I started this series a couple of summers ago. Then, life happened and I never posted about it again. Until now! I’m picking up where I left off to share simple ways to make your own little house farmhouse chic.

IMG_3718This fantastic wall hanging just goes to show how far a little creativity can go! My auntie had the vision for this one and I’m so glad she did. It brings life to my kitchen wall.

The idea here is to create one large wall hanging that will hang on the wall with wire like a painting. We assembled the entire pieced on the ground and then hung it in place on the wall in the kitchen. The boards we used were weathered fence slats I scored for super cheap at the ReStore several years ago.

IMG_3723To make the wall hanging, lie the slats on the floor as you prefer, with the surface you’d like to be visible face down. Place three thin pieces of wood (we used a couple of pieces of scrap slats I had from another project), vertically, across the back of the slats on the floor. Place one near each end and one in the middle. Carefully attach the three wood pieces to the weathered wood slats with nails. Make sure you have the right size nails so they don’t go all the way through. Attach a piece of picture-hanging wire to the back of the wall hanging using eye screws. Make sure to use the heavy-duty kind you’d use to hang a mirror – this will have a little weight to it.

Then, flip the wall hanging over so you can see the finished side. Hammer a nail into one of the wood slats to hang a frame onto the wall hanging. Arrange the frames and hammer the nails while the wall hanging is still lying flat on the floor. Hang the wall hanging onto the wall first and then hang the individual frames onto the large wall hanging.

IMG_3714For the frames, I used the inexpensive all-glass frames that have the small metal clips on each of the four sides to hold the picture and frame together. I added matching pre-cut mattes to the frames and filled them with pictures from my garden. Change the pictures out every once in a while. It keeps it interesting and will help you bring a little piece of the lovely outdoors in.

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