Soothe Your Winter Blues with a Countdown to Spring

IMG_3944Winter starts out with a bang full of whimsy and child-like fun. A friend gave me a chocolate-filled advent calendar and I can’t tell you how excited I got each day to open up the little windows. December is all about eating, drinking and being merry and strings of lights brighten the dark nights.

pileThen, suddenly, the holidays end and the New Year starts. It becomes time to get serious. Give up this. Do more of that. The Seattle sky seems to turn grey for the occasion, as if to say, “Play time is over, people. Get back to work!”

28_CloseupBut I say, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can choose to make this time of year more festive! You know I’m a garden nerd and am itching to get outside and get my garden growing. But I know better than to jump the gun – it’s still too early yet. So, to pass the time and soothe my winter blues, I’m putting my energy into creating comfort and joy!

redToday, I start my mid-winter “advent” calendar – a countdown to spring! I cut and folded thirty cards, wrote inspirational quotes on the inside of each one and hung them on my bedroom wall. One red card rests on the twine in the middle with a big number one penned on the outside – the first day of spring! I interspersed the numbers so that no one string would be lonely as the cards disappear.

messageThirty days from today will be the first day of spring and I’m going to start each one of those days with intention. I’ll remove the day’s card and read the little message of encouragement and inspiration I wrote inside. It will be my daily dose of much-needed mid-winter cheer!

What do you do to get through these dark days of winter?

13 thoughts on “Soothe Your Winter Blues with a Countdown to Spring

    1. Tammy

      Hi Stacy- How ironic that I’m sitting at a district training watching a video on Teaching Channel with overviewing your lesson on analyzing text! You’re multi-talented. πŸ™‚

  1. Lindsey @ NW Backyard Veggies

    Dude. I just want to have you come over and decorate my house. LOVE the inspiration bunting.

    To soothe the winter blues? I build shit. Lot’s of shit. Most of it useful. Some of it out of plumb. All of it requiring power tools. ‘Cause I loves me some power tools.

    Oh – and I get new ideas for how to grow potatoes. Because in the ground is so 1980’s. Vertical, baby!

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