When Ducks Forage

IMG_0489When ducks forage, it looks like this. I was delighted to stumble upon this scene after a run around the lake the day after Christmas. After a day when most people stuff themselves with an abundance of food, I found these ducks doing just the same.

It wasn’t the sight of them that first caught my attention – it was the sound, like a trickling stream. Heavy rains made the fields super muddy, which meant the worms were out for the taking. The sound that filled the field was the sound of ducks lapping them up.

IMG_0490An old man passing by let me know that my coat was dragging in the mud as I sat on my haunches trying to get a better look, but I couldn’t care less. I’d never seen ducks eating this way, out of the water, and I delighted in their newfound abundance. It was charming and serene, an experience that reminded me to slow down and pay attention to other delightful scenes I might be passing by in a hurry.

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