A rabbit-napping and a little reflection

IMG_1086I found myself muttering aloud while listening to Act Two of this episode of This American Life, a story, that with my recent decision to start raising meat rabbits, hit really close to home. It was an essay by Camas Davis, the founder of the Portland Meat Collective, which she read aloud on the episode. The comments she mentioned she got on her blog were comments that I was worried I’d start getting here if I was public about my intentions to raise rabbits. I made the decision to be open and honest about the whole endeavor regardless. I decided I’d keep things transparent. But something about this essay gave me the creeps. It’s one thing to turn the other cheek to a comment from someone with an opposing view. It’s another thing to imagine that someone would feel so strongly about their convictions that they would steal my rabbits from right under my nose.

IMG_1071It was the same naiveté I possessed when I showed up to my first rabbit class. “Thank you all for coming,” they had said, “after all that drama on the Facebook page today.” Apparently, the Seattle Tilth Facebook page was barraged with angry comments from rabbit activists, opposed to them sponsoring a class that would teach “brutal” urban farmers to raise them for meat, which for the record, was never the sole objective of the class.

IMG_1058I’m not going to start worrying about what happens in Camas’s story. There are a lot of things that could happen in life that I could worry about, but that’s just a waste of energy. I do hope though, as I continue along this path, that I may be able to make the choice that’s best for me in the safety and comfort of my yard. Because like Camas says in her essay of the rabbit-napping activists and those raising them for meat, “All of us tried to find meaning and make a stand within our very different acts. All of us thought we were doing the right thing.”

I highly recommend this essay, The Messy Middle, listened to or read. It is definitely worth your time.

*Photos by Gabe Ochoa

6 thoughts on “A rabbit-napping and a little reflection

  1. plantnwJanell


    I love your passion for urban gardening. I believe it’s important for us city people to truly understand where our food comes from… How it’s raised, grown and harvested…You have the courage to teach and open our eyes to the possibility the city gives us to bring food to our table. I applaud you and hope to follow in your foot steps..I have the gardening down, it’s now time for eggs!!

  2. Sarah

    All you can do is your best and if you think raising livestock for meat is right for you then that is what’s right for YOU. No one can tell you what you need or shouldn’t do. You have the right and responsibility to live well. Keep goin’ strong sistah!

  3. Lindsey@Bear Soap

    I listened to that episode, too and It just made me roll my eyes. The people stole a nursing mama rabbit and then her 9 kits died. Ridiculous backwards logic.
    It almost intimidated me, as well. I had to stop and think if raising meat rabbits and broadcasting it was something that might put my family or animals in danger (referring to the head rabbit breeder sleeping “with a baseball bat under my pillow”) and then I stopped myself.
    I think what we are doing is ethical and right. People will disagree. That’s okay. I’ve got your back. I’ll form a human Lindsey chain around your rabbitry if people go and get all crazy….!

  4. Sally-Anne Sadler

    My office at Center for Urban Horticulture was bombed by the same idiotic mindset of ignorance that released the minks up north who all died, and who steal rabbits. I am a vegetarian who became one 32 years ago because I didn’t want to participate in the crazy industrial food system. It was not about saving an individual Peter Rabbit or Bessy the Cow. It was about creating an ethical, sustainable food system. These people are proving again, that people are idiots, don’t understand numbers, math, scale or ethics. I am still a vegetarian, and won’t slaughter my aged chickens, even though I think I should…


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