No.9 You know you’re an urban farmer

when your students build you an origami farm.

I’ll have you know that this incredible work has been done extracurricularly, lest you think this is how we spend our class time. No, these precious paper gems were lovingly created during my students’ own time outside of school and given to me the following morning with beaming smiles.

The whole thing started innocently, really. I discovered that one of my students is an origami master, so naturally I asked him if he could make me a chicken. He came to school the following day with not only a chicken, but with a rooster and a chick in a nest as well.

I was so excited to receive my chicken, I said, “Hey, you couldn’t make a goat or a pig, could you? I think our farm needs a goat.” He paused and looked up for a second or two as he thought to himself before answering my question with an affirmative yes! He wrote it in his planner. I love that.

My farm continued to grow without further requests by me. I was gifted a cow and a barn to complete the scene. Another student, inspired by our origami livestock, took it upon himself to make a paper bale of hay because origami animals need food.

I am so grateful for my job. At times, it leaves me exhausted and on the roughest of days, I have thought about leaving the profession. I have driven to school thinking that I’d rather be digging in the dirt somewhere rather than being the manager of so many little humans that need so much from me. But then I am reminded of how special my job really is. I am as excited to receive my paper gifts as my students are to give them to me. We’re quite the pair, my students and me. We go together like an origami cow and its paper barn. And I’m reminded that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

3 thoughts on “No.9 You know you’re an urban farmer

  1. denise

    ah, that is the best feeling in the world!

    I recently (well, it’s been almost a year now) returned to my old (first and only too) job. At first it was reluctantly but several times now I have said the very same thing.


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