And on her farm she had some rabbits!

They’re here! I have rabbits on my farm! Just this January I was talking about the possibility and now it’s my reality. Hells yeah! Ward and June are resting comfortably in their own cages on a bit of straw I put in to make them more comfortable. Allow me to formally introduce them.

This is June. She’s a New Zealand, although not the red-eyed, pure white ones I’m used to. She was born on September 21st, so won’t be ready to start breeding into almost March. She’s a little more shy than Ward, but is warming up to me. Little by little. (Maybe it’s because I keep going out there every few hours to see them again!)

And this cinnamon calico New Zealand is Ward. He was born on August 21st. He’s a bit braver than June, but like I said, I think she’ll come around.

In preparation for their arrival, I put the finishing touches on the hutch set up and I wanted to share them with you. The waterers might be my favorite. I ordered adapters that allow me to reuse some liter bottles I stashed this summer when I was drinking Doug fir sodas like crazy. A hole in the top was really all I needed to do. Done.

I made a hay manager, a piece of chicken wire fastened to the outside of one of the sides of the cage. I stuff organic hay in there and it sort of holds it in place against the cage so the rabbits can nibble at it without it getting peed on or falling through the holes on the bottom of the cage so quickly. I love to watch them nibble on the hay. In fact, I just love the fact that I now have to make hay something I purchase and store in my garage. It’s just another way I’m living out my farm fantasies.

I made a little burlap drape to hang onto the front side of the cage to give them a little more protection from rain and wind that might come through the front side of their cages.

And of course, because I’m an artist and am obsessed with beautiful fabric, there is bunting. The hutch had to have bunting.

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