Video: This Bears Repeating

I’ve been thinking about doing a check-in post for a while now – a post where I give you a little update about things I’ve been talking about this year. The pears, the potatoes, the tomatoes. It will get done eventually. It’s just that for some reason, other things keep getting in the way.

So rather than putting off the idea or scraping it all together, I’ve decided to give you just a snippet, a piece of something I’ve wanted to share with you. It’s probably no coincidence that it’s the thing that greets me every time I walk in or out my front door.

I look down at my most recently planted succulent garden daily and think, damn, that is so freaking adorable! I have to show my friends how it’s been growing! It’s one of those things that to anyone else, it’s just a planter, but to me, it’s evidence of my horticulture growth. It’s evidence of the eye I’m starting to develop for plant aesthetics. Where as before I’d just put one plant in with another, now I see details in color, size and foliage that allow me to make planting decisions that result in something beautiful.

The color combination in this succulent garden makes me swoon. The fact that a few have a distinct maroon color while others have that pink hue just on the edge of their leaves makes me beam. They go together like pictures you’d hang in a room. Alone they are beautiful, but together it’s another level of pretty. It’s like a matte in a frame – it can bring out certain colors in a picture if you select the right one.

It’s also evidence of the loveliness of nature and what can result when you are patient. With just a little bit of TLC, it has filled in beautifully. I didn’t need to do much, but step aside and let them grow. It was as if the succulents said to me, “We’ll take it from here.”

So, I leave you today with my garden nerd musings and the tutorial post and video for this project. I hope it inspires you to make some horticultural eye candy for yourself.

One thought on “Video: This Bears Repeating

  1. Lindsey @ NW Backyard Veggies

    I have always wanted to plant cascading ground cover, small flowering annuals and other assorted pretties in an old broken down wheelbarrow. My old neighbor did it and it was SO cute.

    And since my crappy wheelbarrow finally went tits up, I think I may have that chance sooner rather than later. ..

    I love the file box – so cool!


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