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I met Becky on one of the foraging adventures she taught and I’ve been hooked on nettles ever since. Later, I had the privilege of buffing up on my kitchen skills some more in her Thai Street Food class and Rabbit cooking class at the Pantry. I finally bought her cookbook, Good Fish, at the last class. I don’t know why I never bought it before. I’m looking forward to my good fish cooking adventures, which I’m sure will keep me inspired and satisfied this winter.

Becky’s super down-to-earth and fun. She is a private chef and cooking teacher, but is also a lovely writer – her column in Edible Seattle reveals a bit of her fun sense of humor. She wrote a great article last week for October Unprocessed on choosing sustainable seafood, which I thought was totally approachable and informative. She also has a ton of neat videos on how to do all things seafood. Since it’s video Monday, I thought I’d share them with you. You can check out all of them here, but I’ve embedded one in today’s post to pique your interest. I learned this technique on the foraging/cooking adventure I mentioned before. So cool!

If you haven’t met already, consider this a formal introduction. Friends, meet Becky. Becky, meet my friends. I hope you get to know each other!

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  1. holli

    Love fish! Thank you for the introduction. I have been wanting to grow my fish cooking skills:)
    P.s. there is an amazing sushi restaurant in west seattle that focuses on using sustainable seafood – Mashikos (


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