Vashon Makes a Girl Want Some Flowers

I’ve always had a thing for flowers. Most girls do, I know. But my attraction to them has grown over time and is getting even more pronounced. It’s the big beautiful summer blooms that really get me – the ones that are rich yellow and hot pink.

It’s the ones that draw in the bees that really draw me in too. I gravitate to their petals like bees to their pollen. I noticed this heightened attraction when I went to Vashon Island a few weeks ago, when those summer blooms were bountiful!

At the farmers’ market, the buckets holding summer bouquets immediately drew me in and made me happier than I expected. My $3 bunch of rubeckia pretty much made my day and I think I might have made the sweet gentleman vendor blush with my giddy appreciation.

The bouquets of rubeckia, sunflowers and zinnias at the adorable Island Meadow Farm Stand had me swooning and the U Pick Flower garden at Hogsback Farm Stand ’bout did me in!

Is there anything more lovely than grabbing some shears, walking through a yellow wooden gate and picking flowers to your heart’s content? I’m already planning my trip back this time next summer!

And it all got me thinking about my own little “farm”.  With the exception of the pollinator-attracting blooms in my side yard and my row of lavender, I’ve really given up flowers for food. Where I once grew dahlias, I now grow fruit. One rogue dahlia I obviously failed to remove now grows on the neighbor’s side of the yard and peeks over into mine as if to taunt me for rejecting her.

So, if all these flowers bring me so much joy, why am I not creating more of a U-pick in my own backyard? With my hardcore drive to grow as much food in my yard as I can, would I be willing to carve out a bit of space for some self-indulgent garden blooms?

Producing food in my yard will always be my number one goal – it’s a passion that’s gotten me far. But I think some balance is in order, food for my belly with some food for my soul. Creating an environment that attracts pollinators attracts me as well, so maybe it’s not all that self-indulgent.

While I may not be able to eat what I grow in the backyard bed that I’ve now designated my future U-pick flower garden, it will give me even more reason to be outside in my urban farm oasis. And lucky for me, it will give our neighborhood pollinators more reasons as well.

* This is the first post of a series on the plethora of reasons why I love Vashon Island. It stole my heart this summer. I’ll show you why…


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