No.8 You know you’re an urban farmer

when you receive precious and thoughtful gifts like these.

A coriander spice grinder, from a special friend who not only spent several hours helping me harvest almost 2 quarts full of dried coriander seeds, but also came up with this genius way to have fresh coriander at the ready whenever I want it! So fantastic, right?

A precious origami hen, rooster, and chick in a nest, who we decided to name “Goldie,” thanks to one student’s suggestion.

Eight pounds of Italian plums from a friend who knew I would appreciate helping her out with her plum abundance. They’re in my dehydrator as I write this.

Yes, that’s how you know you’re an urban farmer. And I am grateful!

4 thoughts on “No.8 You know you’re an urban farmer

  1. Susan

    That looks an awful lot like grinder that sea salt comes in from Trader Joe’s. I’ve never thought to use the empty grinder for other spices. We already have a great pepper mill and a perfectly good electric spice grinder, but I tend to be lazy and just use pre-ground spices when I’m in a hurry. This idea is great and will let me fresh-grind a bit without having to clean out the big grinder. You’ve got a smart friend there.


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