Questions Answered: Strawberry Patch Renovation

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post and shared this video:

Then yesterday, I posted a picture on my Facebook page* of how lovely my strawberry patch is looking after having renovated earlier this month. I got the message that some of you were a little hesitant to mow down your plants for fear you’d damage them. I can totally relate! It seemed drastic to me too. But then when I renovated the first time and saw that the strawberries come back again thriving (not fruiting, of course) in just a few short weeks, I was confident that this method, which I learned from the WSU Extension when I became a Master Gardener, was well worth the shock and awe it induces.

This is what they’re looking like now! Nice, right? They didn’t die! Success!

And you asked:

Q: Can I still do this? Do you think it’s too late?
A: I say, yes! Just do it! We still have lots of sunny days to come with our Indian summers. According to the extension, the best time to mow is from July 14 to August 1. But I think better late than never.

Q: How late in the season can you mow?
A: Like I said, I’d probably do it now even though we missed the optimal window. I’d make sure to renovate before August is over though, but that’s just me. Mowing them in September would probably be just fine too.

Q: Do you use this technique with day-neutrals or ever-bearing strawberries?
A: No, because they can continue to produce fruit into the fall – I just harvest 1/4 lb. of strawberries from my day-neutrals. I just let those go.

Q: Will you mow them again in the fall?
A: Nope, they’ll be fine!

Q: What about mulch and protection for the winter?
A: If anything, I put chicken manure/bedding around the plants in the fall as a mulch and call it good. No protection, even when it snows. They’ll survive…or they won’t and I’ll plant again! That’s just how I roll!

I hope this helps, friends! Keep the questions coming – this is fun!


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    1. stacy Post author

      Good question! I’m not 100% sure, but I’d say yes! I know chickens can and do eat strawberries and I’ve never heard of the leaves being poisonous, so I’d give it a try and see what they think. They’ll probably leave the stems, like most stemmed leafy greens. I didn’t give mine to the chickens…duh. Next time. 🙂

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