Postcard: A Return to Sequim

You know how I feel about lavender. I know I don’t have to repeat myself.

What I will say is that going to Sequim a second time was even better than the first trip and I didn’t think that was possible.

Nicole joined me on this one and we decided it must be an annual trip from now on. I should have known it was going to be a blast – spending time with Nicole is always easy and breezy!

We feed off each other’s joyful energy. If you weren’t loving life, hanging out with us on this trip would have probably felt like hanging out with the Brady Bunch – happy-go-lucky!

There was just so much to be grateful for! Standing in the fields, inhaling lavender and listening to the sound of the bees never gets old. Your cares melt away instantly. It sounds like this:

If I could have inserted the intoxicating smell into this video for you, I would have.

We brought along yummy green juice, fresh tomato caprese salad, quiche and fresh-picked carrots and had a picnic at our first farm stop. Summer bucket list item, check!

Because we went on a Saturday, we were able to catch downtown Sequim’s open air market! I had to buy one of these adorable tube vases, which now sticks on the window by the kitchen sink – a constant reminder of an amazing time! We giggled at the fact that everything must be lavender in Sequim – socks, shirts, walls. It must just go with the territory.

We stayed at my favorite bed and breakfast, the Dungeness Barn House, because I just can’t imagine staying anywhere else. Berta is the most lovely hostess and the food is delicious. It’s always fun meeting new friends at breakfast.

There are cows next door. I never noticed that before. I realized I’ve never been that close to a cow before and never knew what funny personalities they have. We loved No.13 the best.

After wine tasting at Wind Rose and Olympic cellars (Oh my word! Have you seen their “Working Girl” wine?! A-freaking-dorable!) and another amazing meal at the Alder Wood Bistro, we took in the sunset across the street from the Barn House. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Wish you were here!


3 thoughts on “Postcard: A Return to Sequim

  1. Debbie

    What a lovely trip. Brought me back to my first summer trip to Sequim. I dream of living there with fields of lavender. Believe it or not, the climate is even similar to mine in San Diego!


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