Video: Renovate Your Strawberry Patch!

Time is of the essence, folks! Now that you’ve harvested all your strawberries, it’s time to renovate your June-bearing strawberry patch so you have an abundant crop of fruit and flourishing strawberry plants next season. In this timely video, I’ll show you how to renovate, or prune your strawberry patch and transplant runners so it will be as good as new!

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Lots of love this week, friends!


Speaking of strawberries…this is a great beginners’ guide to gardening, especially for my friends with smaller spaces. Andrea’s also got a great blog, Heavy Petal.

5 thoughts on “Video: Renovate Your Strawberry Patch!

  1. DJ

    How late in the season can you “mow” the strawberry plants? And can you mow other types of strawberry plants? Thanks!

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