Egg Stand

This is happening. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to have an egg stand. I felt like a kid making that sign.

I’m counting on the honor system. I figure, if someone feels so compelled to take the money or the eggs, they need it more than I do.

And they’ll get the most nutritious and most delicious golden yolks they’ve had in ages. From very happy chickens รขโ‚ฌโ€œ just like the sign says.

12 thoughts on “Egg Stand

  1. Kandi Dodrill

    Hi Stacy! We just got some new chicks and are looking forward to adding them to our flock to have plenty of eggs for our girl to sell to the neighbors. I love reading about your garden, your chickens, and your projects. Thanks for such a pleasant read!

  2. JulieG

    We’ve bought birdhouse made out of wood from old tobacco barns on the honor system. First time I had seen that. It was on the corner of the road on our way to the beach. It must work or I figured they wouldn’t have set it up on the honor system. Good luck with your sales!

  3. brianne

    I’ve just started reading your blog and realize we live in the same neighborhood. Would love to frequent your egg stand if you shoot us an e-mail with location ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Chelsea

    I agree with Brianne – hit me up with the coordinates of that adorable egg stand! P.S. Great to meet you at Becky’s class tonight!

  5. Kat

    I’m not sure if we’re in the same neighborhood, but we are in the same city. Any chance of emailing me that address too? Looks like we could take care of your overabundance in no time at all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. andrea

    you had me at “egg”. I’m a fellow maple leafer and would love to visit the stand if you’ll tell me where it “sits”? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. stacy Post author

      Yep! Worked great! I even had someone come up to the door the other day and ask if I had eggs…my stand wasn’t even out! lol

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